Skyrim Special Edition

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Replaces all the skeletons and human bones in the game.
With support for Beast skeletons, M'Rissi , Undeath, WACCF, MM, DUI, EnbLight and more.

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Skeleton Replacer HD - SE

-Replaces the models and textures for:
  • All the regular skeletons.
  • All the static skeletons such as the ones laying in nordic ruins and the bone piles inside pillars and such.
  • All the skulls.
  • All the bloody bones.
  • Armored skeletons.
  • Soulcairn skeletons (I added a few animated effects to them inside their nifs to hopefully make them a tiny bit less boring looking).
  • Necro skeletons (the dark ones with red eye sockets).
  • Hearthfire home trophies (the skeleton archer and the troll with a skull and femur in his hands).
  • Loading screens (the skeleton archer, the troll with a skull and femur in his hands and the skull sitting on a scroll next to coin bags).
  • Pelagius Hipbone.
  • Bandit poles.
  • Evil RockCairns.
  • Miraak's skeleton form once he's killed.

  • Available in 8K/4K/2K and 1K.
  • De-saturared option.
  • You can pick whether or not you want the skeletons to have glowing eyes.
  • You can pick whether or not you want my custom effects for the soulcairn skeletons.
  • The path of sorcery patch can also act as a smaller skulls option if you think the size of the skulls on the skeleton creatures is too big, it does not have to be used with path of sorcery.

-Supported mods and patches made:


The skulls for unique characters are covered in Unique Skulls HD - SE

The animated effects for the soul cairn skeletons is aimed to make them look a bit more unique, i didn't think their purple and transparent appearance was enough but if you do not like those there is an option in the fomod to install the soul cairn skeletons without those animated effects.

I did my best to fix the misaligned bones on static skeletons in dungeons and such, the vanilla skeletons had their right foot flipped, were missing the shoulder bones (scapula) and clavicles, the humerus joints weren't connected to the ribcage due to those missing bones (in some cases they would clip through the ribcage), and the femur joints were clipping through the pelvis.

I checked in as many locations as i could and those fixes work fine everywhere i've been to but with that said, due to the way bethesda placed and posed those skeletons bone by bone, there is a slight possibility that you might encounter some skeletal remains with odd or misaligned bones; sadly, editing one bone causes all instances where it is used to be edited as well.

This is my attempt at replacing all the skeletons and skulls in the game, i believe i have covered everything but if i happen to have missed something please let me know in the comments.

I noticed the vanilla pelagius hipbone had it's own texture set, just for one bone, while the vanilla skeleton also has 1 texture set, for all the bones in the skeleton, i thought that was a waste and decided to spread my skeleton textures on 2 texture sets, removing the texture set for the pelagius hipbone, my pelagius hipbone uses my skeletons textures and i think it looks fine.

Piles of bones and skulls in the soul cairn will be covered later, in my soul cairn retexture, the reason for this is the ground dirt textures have bones in them and i want them to match with the piles.

I do not intend to cover animal skulls and bones, not yet anyway..

(All pictures were taken with the 4K saturated version).

-Rudy102 , Brumbek and JonnyWang13 for creating and giving permission to use some of their assets here on nexus.
-Remmykun for Particle Lights for ENB - Nordic Ruins Candles.
-Kulharin for his parallax patches.
-InstantKor for his Lux patches.
-WillOhTheWisp for taking care of the patch for Death's Head - Skull Mask.
-MUR4S4ME for making the Sacrosanct/Sacrilege patch.

Beast Skeletons / M'Rissi Support

Undeath Patch

Clockwork Patch