Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This is a collection of Renthal311s plant textures, it also includes Fadingsignals Deathbell textures, Discovery01s Reach Fern texture and Glowing mushrooms from LucidAPs HPP. Around 70 plant meshes/textures and their billboards in the main download. There are also some new Aspen tree textures with billboards in the optional downloads.

Permissions and credits

This mod consists of a large collection of Renthal311's old flora textures ranging from 2K-4K in size. Fadingsignal has also been kind enough to let me include his Deathbell textures and I have also included Discovery01's Reach Fern texture. As of v1.1 LucidAPs has been kind enough to allow me to include his new glowing mushroom meshes from his High Poly Project that have been remapped for the texture in this collection. The 1.2 update adds 2k Mountain flowers and Mindflux's high poly ferns and some reworked fern textures.

There are two main aims with this collection the first being to provide as much variety in flora as possible and the second to be released along side my Whiterun overhaul as it was designed and planted using these textures and would look silly in parts otherwise. The overhaul broke on me and I'm gonna have to start again so I thought I would upload this first instead.

Renthal and Fadingsignal both created different colour options for their flower & plant textures which has enabled me to attach seperate textures to each mesh. For example the Deathbell01.nif uses Fadingsignals red texture and the Deathbell02.nif uses his blue. This is the case for many of the flowers and plants so I have created some pictures that better demonstrate these changes.

The renthal textures can also be found as part of Renthal 311 old flora and others pack and Flora Mod Collection (good comparison screenshots too). They are worth checking out as there are other textures available that aren't part of this collection.

All the meshes have had UV maps edited, lighting shader properties, rescaled or texture paths changed. It may also make them somewhat incompatible with other texture/mesh mods. I have created normals where necessary and some textures have undergone edits adding missing parts to some and condensing others to one texture. There are also some that are recolours of the original (reachfern).

I was just playing around and came up with these, they are basically recolours of Renthals Green Aspen texture. I'm not entirely sure on them myself, being a long term RAT user, and they may take a little getting used to. But as you can see from the screenshots they don't look to bad so I thought I would upload them as a optional download. All the billboards and text files are included as well but you'll have to source your own Aspen bark texture (which you've probably already got). I recommend the one from HQ Tree Bark.

LupusHegemonia has kindly allowed me to upload his desaturated versions of the textures provided in this mod. Whilst not every texture is covered they will help out those that don't like the colour saturation.

The lighting mods used in the screenshots are Vivid Weathers Special Edition with Wish ENB.

A massive THANK YOU to everybody for letting me use their assets.