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High Res Textures for everything in 4K, 2K, 1K, 512

Permissions and credits
Textures for everything, see download page.
All textures from Oldryim are compatible to SSE apart from grass and plants. Meshes are not compatible. Grass and plants need a specular map first.

I will transport all my mods to Skyrim SE
- Release new mods
- Improve old mods

Check out my other mods

Your support is really appreciated, you are awesome

Versions planned
4K diffuse, 2K normal
2K diffuse, 2K normal
1K diffuse, 1K normal
512 diffuse, 512 normal
Everything compressed for optimal performance.
Please use texture optimizer for further downgrades

With everything! that doesn't use the exact same landscape textures.
Even if you use other landscape mods, there will be no crash.
Modorder just decides what is used first and second. They are Combinable.

- I will update this regularly and get you new stuff
- Skyrim SE doesn't support terrain parallax(from ENB) (afaik) but of course mesh parallax (That are 2 very different things)
- So this are basically my textures adjusted to SE
- Parallax files for meshes are added, but they ARE NOT used yet and don't take ANY ressources from your cpu/gpu.
Only like 12mb on your hdd and will be used later on.

Screenshots are also from the old Skyrim with Enb. Mostly a customized TK Enb.