Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

High Res Textures for cities, dungeons, clutter, armors and much more

Going towards 1600 files, way more to come

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This mod has over a thousand hours of work put into it ...
It contains almost 1400  1600 files ...

From the author of 4K Parallax Skyrim  and Skyrim TERRAIN Parallax I bring you :

( yes this took some &@!%[email protected]^?*& typing .... )


If you want a more detailed look of what's inside the folders, please have a look using the Preview file contents under each mod inside the Files Tab

     HOW TO RESIZE TEXTURES                                        

Use either of these programs, they've got tutorials and are super easy


When you want to use this mod's full potential, you will need the following mod:
You can run Skyrim 2020 without this mod if you don't want parallax, but why would you ? 
Seriously, why would you ?


  • Use a mod manager to install, trust me, it's easier to mod with a mod manager
  • Or drop the mod's "data" folder in your Skyrim folder ( manual installation is not supported )
  • Probably: Your harddrive ... Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special edition\data

     INSTALL ORDER                                        

Installing Skyrim 2018 and Skyrim 2020 with Vortex


     CHANGE LOG                                        

  • Will be coming soon.
For now, look in the Files Section and click on "Preview file contents" to check what's covered in the mod.


  • Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K, let Skyrim 2020 overwrite Noble.
  • SMIM, it's like an extension for it, just overwrite SMIM.
  • ELFX, let Skyrim 2020 overwrite ELFX
  • Everything else that doesn't cover the exact same stuff, and even if you use other texture mods, there will be no crash. 
  • Install order and which mod loads last is what you see in game.

     QUESTIONS / SUPPORT                                        

  • If you have a genuine bug, please post it in the Bug Section so I can fix it if needed.
  • If you have questions, feel free to ask the Skyrim 2020 family in the Post Section.



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