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Flora expansion and landscape groundcovers

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  • Czech
Skyrim 3D Landscapes - Next Generation Forests

An on going effort to expand the variety and quality of Skyrim Flora

  • Unique Trees
  • Unique Plants
  • Unique Waterplants
  • Unique Flowers
  • Dirtcliff Weeds


Includes more than 90 custom made vegetation models of all types planted by hand around the lands.
The first release (1.0.3) contains around 7600 records.


Incompatible: Waterplants | Enhanced Landscapes
Compatible: All tree and flora mods but its created to run alongside the Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants

Highly recommended: Skyrim 3D Rocks | Blended Roads (the 'really' blended 3d meshes option)

Install normally with NMM or manually. Its recommended not to unpack the .bsa files.
Can be installed or uninstalled any time during a playthrough.


It should have no performance cost at all. Most of the assets used are perfectly optimized for the SSE engine and although some tree models are a bit on the high poly , they are planted sparingly where they wouldn't affect the frame rates.


Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers

A pack of 2x2 landscape textures available in 1k, 2k and 4k.

A new approach on the Skyrim Landscapes aiming to give distinguishable variety and a next gen consistent feeling between the biomes.

Includes 53 landscape textures (v1.0.6) and their corresponding normal maps.
DLC01 covered
DLC02 partially covered

The vast majority of the PBR mixes used to create these textures are compiled by the author, not all though.

Texture compression is DXT1 for non-alpha diffuse and DXT5 for alpha diffuse and normal maps.


  • David Chumila for the wonderful photogrammetry trunk texture.
  • Quinn for all the help and support
  • Zilav for xEdit