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- INFO -

An on going process to improve the models of the game with more polygons , UV edits or just replace them all together. SMIM was the inspiration and the lack of similar mods led me to make this.

Oldrim Version
Xbox Version

Compatible Mods

No snow under the roof
Rustic Clutter Collection
Particle/Subsurface Mindflux patches

Make sure you overwrite all mentioned mods with mien!

Recommended Guide
BOSS by LupusHegemonia 

- FAQ -

What is the performance hit?
Minimal\None reported yet, decent cpu is more important here.

Your meshes are terrible!
They are better than vanilla and that's all i wanted.

Why is the polygon count so high?
Because the engine can take it, and it's also the easiest way to make the objects smooth.

- Oldrim updated version please?
I don't mod things i don't play, join us in SSE.

- Can i give you suggestions?
Always! Suggestions and constructive feedback is always welcome and needed.

- Change Log -


- Credits -

Pherim For testing/helping and being awesome.
TheFigment For developing the necessary tools.
enpinion For developing the necessary tools.
Prometheus For letting me use and modify his assets.
Gamwich For letting me use and modify his assets.
Pfuscher For letting me use and modify his assets.