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This mod improves the meshes and textures for most of the glaciers and ice used throughout Skyrim, including the dlcs.

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  • German
This mod attempts to overhaul the majority of the glacier and ice objects used throughout the game.  The glacier and ice objects have been made higher polygon, within reason, and then have new textures on top of that.  The ice floes have been made 3D and in my case I removed all of the really bad looking floes at the mesh level which is why the textures within the mod are blank.  This mod comes with an ESPFE, with changes mostly in the first DLC to fix issues with the objects and the ice shaders in those areas.  Just load this early or at least before any lighting mods so that only the objects get altered and the lighting mod will win the conflict for the area settings.

There is also an optional download with better lods that are specifically for usage with DynDOLOD.