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A 3D replacer for the outdated tundra cotton plant that improves performance.

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This is a hybridization of the vanilla tundra cotton (which is loosely based on the commercial cotton plant) and real-world tundra cotton (which is entirely unrelated and actually a grass). Essentially, the model of the stems is vanilla, the leafy bits are retextured (using a photograph of a cotton leaf) and remodeled (to be 3D), and the flower-head is made from photos of grass with similar flowers to IRL tundra cotton grass. No, this plant doesn't exist in real life, but neither does Nirn, nor does cotton grow in the arctic tundra. 

Vanilla model: 936 triangles and lots of overdraw
Cathedral 3D-model v1.x: 740 triangles and minimal overdraw
Cathedral 3D-model v2.x: 1060 triangles and minimal overdraw

For perspective, on testing with a laptop, no FPS loss appreciated until triangle counts exceed 200,000-500,000 (lower or higher depending on vertex count) 

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