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Collection of small compatibility patches with Palaces and Castles Enhanced for load order flexibility, floating object/missing idle cases

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Palaces and Castles Enhanced is a delightfully wonderful overhaul of the interiors of many unique places within Skyrim which - particularly for the scope - has surprisingly few major conflicts, thanks to the patches included with it. However, when going through my load order (which has a borderline absurd number of things which are added), I found a few places here or there which would have a book slightly floating or an NPC spawn point within a wall (which they'd pop out of after a few seconds). So I decided to run through and make any which I felt were needed, and am sharing any whose parent authors approve or are simply forwarding the changes in a combined manner. All patches are .esps flagged as ESL. A few of these have patches for LE, but these were made from scratch so the objects are likely in different locations - all placements involved in the mods below were personal choices on my part, but I tried to adhere to the original "theming" as much as possible. Many of these are not explicitly necessary and can be resolved via load order, but having the patch frees you up to have both mods in any order relative to one another, provided the patch is loaded last. Every patch forwards the image space changes from PCE. If you're using the ELFX patch from PCE, load that last.

Included Patch Descriptions

3DNPCs/Interesting NPCs - Main patch is included with PCE. Small CR patch with the PCE patch for SFCO included here. Not looking into revision numbers because it's literally just a CR patch between two patches, so unless the other patches change I see no reason for this one to.

AI Overhaul SSE - forwarded PCE changes to packages where conflicts (except keeping the AIO interrupt rules), shifted idle markers to match new interiors. Checked against version 1.6. I should note that AI Overhaul now has an official patch hub and seeing as this is the only one of the patches I've made for it that touches Packages, it's possible that they may make their own for this, in which case this patch will come down. Consider it an unofficial patch for now.

Amulets of Skyrim - Moves some necklaces/rings which were floating to new locations/settled them to the new surfaces. Last checked against version 4.061

Arcanum - A New Age of Magic - Shifts two placed tables to match new interiors. Last checked against version 4.0.1

Artifacts of Skyrim - Revised Edition - Shifts a placed object to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.0.1

BadGremlin's Collection AIO - Moves a few of the fish to their appropriate locations in the new interiors. Note: Patch is for AIO, not for the Fishys .esp. Last checked against version SE1

Cheesemod for EVERYONE - Shifts a few added cheeses to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.0

Cloaks of Skyrim - Moves a few placed cloaks to appropriate locations in the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.2.1

Dawnguard Arsenel - Forwards NPC persistency/new sandboxes, moves replaced weapons to new locations. Last checked against version 1.0

EasierRider's Dungeon Pack - Shifts the location of a couple books which are inaccessible in the new layout. Last checked against version 1.5

Elder Outfit Overhaul - Just a load order compatibility patch. Ensures Gerda spawns in her new location if EEO is placed after PCE. Last checked against version 1.52.

Embers HD - Load order compatibility patch. Both mods slightly move a single fire in different ways. Truthfully, you probably wouldn't even notice a difference without this one - it's pretty subtle, and honestly not necessary. Last checked against version 1.3998

Embers XD - Shifts the placement of fires to better utilize the new look of Embers XD, includes some ashes spread around, and in a few places
substitutes fire types to better match aesthetics. Last checked against version 2.1.1. FOMOD is based off uncompacted EmbersHD.esp. Direct download of XD compacted ESL is available on the optional files section, but will not be receiving updates.

Enhanced Solitude Docks - Moves one patrol idle to be on top of the new topography from Enhanced Solitude Docks. Last checked against version 1.

Guards Armor Replacer - Shifts placement of a few armors to match the new interiors, primarily in Castle Dour, Palace of the Kings, and Dragonsreach. Last checked against version 5.5a

Immersive City Gates - Moves the target to match ICG to the new Prison Marker location for PCE, with corresponding outdoor changes, and ties into the PCE Navmesh. Please note that this is based off of my cleaned version. It shouldn't technically REQUIRE it, but if you don't have it, make sure that PCE is lower in your load order than ICG to make sure you get the correct navmesh. I did not test, but I believe this should work with the non-JKs version, but not work with the Open Cities version - it's got one of the three changes needed, you can manually forward the changes to xx021D73 and 00058CF8 according to your version of Immersive City Gates.

Immersive Wenches - moves a couple idle markers to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.60SE

Konahrik's Accoutrements - moves a couple objects in Dragonsreach to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 5.5.3

Morrowloot Miscellania - Item Distribution - moves some of the placed items to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.3, although it looks like there's one daedric shield which the patch places in a different spot which is no longer present at all in MLM. However, it also means there's no daedric shield placed in MLM at all, which....seems weird? So I'm leaving it be. It's hard to get to, regardless.

Morrowloot Ultimate - same changes as the previous, but for the original flavor. As Morrowloot Misc - Item Distribution hasn't had updates which impact, MLU is presumed to be up-to-date, as well.

Mystic Condenser - Moves Mystic Condenser objects to match the new interiors. Last checked against version 2.3

Open Civil War - Moves a couple markers inside of the Riften hall in order to not overlap with new objects. Tested on version 2.6.2

Populated Cities and Towns - shifts the placement of one marker, forwards cell changes from PCE. Last checked against version 4.1.

Realistic Water Two - Slight shift of soot water to match the new blacksmith trough location in Fort Dawnguard. Originally made for version 2, but should be fine through latest as this is just a soot water shifting, not one of the cell behavior changes which RW2 version 3 has been doing.

Red Flame - Slight shift of one book which was hanging off of an end table. Last checked against version 1.

Royal Armory - Moves one placed sword and display case to new location to match Interior. Last checked against versoin 2.2.

The Second Great War - Moves many references and objects to match new interiors, forwards cell changes from PCE. Thanks to Reath1 for sanity-checking my described changes. Please note that, due to the nature of many of the changes only being factored deep into the game, this patch is not fully tested. Please report to me any problems you run into. Last checked against version 1.08

Skyrim Artwork Imports - Moves any needed objects placed to match the new interior. Due to PCE using many of the same assets, if there's a conflict, I had PCE win out with its placement. Last checked against version 1.0

Skyrim Immersive Creatures - forwards changes to creatures in Fort Dawnguard to their new locations. Last checked against version 6.6a

Skyrim Improved Puddles - Shifts the puddles placed in Windhelm Bloodworks to match new interior layout. Last checked against version 1.4.

Skyrim Underground - Shifts a few of the entrances to match the new interiors. Patches available for both ESP and ESM versions. Install only one. Last checked against version 4.6.1.

Skyrims Unique Treasures
- Shifts placed objects to match the new interiors.Last checked against version 4.4.

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul - Main patch included with either PCE or SFCO - can't recall which :) Two small CR patches with MLM and 3DNPC included here. As these are just CR on patches, not checking version.

Solitude Dome Paintings - CR patch to have the changes to the dome in PCE match the new painting changes for SDP. Last checked against version 1.0.

Tamrielic Culture - Shifts placement of new objects to match new interiors. Last checked against version V2

The Brotherhood of Old - moves two NPC spawn points to be within the bounds of the new interiors. Last checked against version 1.04

The People of Skyrim 2 - Resolves direct conflicts between the two mods in 5 cells, shifts a few objects to match interiors. Patch is for the partial version of TPOS2. Last checked against version

Thieves Guild for Good Guys - Shifts three quest items to new locations in PCE interiors. Last checked against version 3.0

DX Ursine Armor Pack - Shifts the Imperial crafting manual to be within the bounds of Castle Dour. Also the Stormcloak one in Palace of the Kings Last checked against version 2.0

Vigilant - Hooks the new door in Windhelm Bloodworks to the navmesh, shifts a patrol marker to not overlap. Last checked against version 1.5.

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Forwards reference changes to new locations. last checked against version 2.1

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Armor and Clothing Extension
- Forwards reference changes to new locations, shifts one placed pair of boots to a new location. Last checked against version 1.0.

Use a mod manager/organizer to install, or drop the loose files into you Skyrim data folder.
Patches should have their appropriate masters set, and should be loaded after any mods which they are patching. Some of the fixes in question are on persistent objects, and may require a new save.

I don't believe this should introduce any incompatibilities beyond anything which may be present between base mods. All moved objects should have been moved to locations which are non-overlapping. Let me know if you hit anything

Bethesda for Skyrim Special Edition and the Creation Kit
ElminsterAU for SSEEdit
SetteLisette for Palaces and Castles Enhanced
Kris Takahashi for Interesting NPCs and KaptainCnucklz for keeping track of it on Nexus
mnikjom and SpiderAkiraC for AI Overhaul
UNI00SL for Amulets of Skyrim
Kosorsomesaykosm and noptasis for Arcanum - A New Age of Magic
HeiroftheSeptims for Artifacts of Skyrim - Revised Edition
BadGremlin for BadGremlin's Collection
aviform, EpicCrab, DoubtSuspended, PhysicsFish, and Daniel Hodge for Cheesemod for EVERYONE
Nazenn for Cloaks of Skyrim
Madcat221 for Dawnguard Arsenel
EasierRider for EasierRider's Dungeon Pack
Shadohz for Elder Outfit Overhaul
mindflux for Embers HD and Embers XD
kojak747 for Enhanced Solitude Docks
NordwarUA and DanielUA for Guards Armor Replacer
JPSteel2 for Immersive City Gates (and me for a cleaned version)
lordkoz for Immersive Wenches
edhelsereg for Konahrik's Accoutrements
evenshadefalling for Morrowloot Miscellania
ChocolateNoodle for Morrowloot Ultimate
Dave0523 for Mystic Condenser
simtam for Open Civil War
the Sands of Time team for Populated Cities and Towns
isoku for Realistic Water Two
Adolon for Red Flame
PrivateEye for Royal Armory
Reath1 for The Second Great War
SenterPat for Skyrim Artwork Imports
lifestorock for Skyrim Immersive Creatures
PCG4m3r for Skyrim Improved Puddles
AncientKane for Skyrim Underground
clintmich and icecreamassassin for Skyrims Unique Treasures
gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul
Fickji and Featherstone for Solitude Dome Paintings
watcherzero for Tamrielic Culture
TomTesoro for The Brotherhood of Old
nesbit098 for The People of Skyrim 2
Mordivier2 for Thieves Guild for Good Guys
DeserterX for DX Ursine Armor Pack
Vicn for Vigilant
kryptotyr for Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes and Armor and Clothing Extension

They're the artists who did the real work - go and give them a download and endorsement. I just made my best attempt at getting things to play well together :)