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The successor to my Artifacts of Skyrim Mod. Adds over 200 new Items for you to discover. Adds several new dungeons to explore. Adds a new museum (fully compatible with LoTD) to display all of the artifacts.

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Do you like artifacts? Of course you do! Which means this mod is for you! It adds hundreds of new artifacts, each with their own unique effects, appearance, and story. Some artifacts are easy to find, others are quite well hidden. Some are powerful, some are utterly useless! Most are brand new artifacts, however you may recognize some from Morrowind or Oblivion. Information about many of the artifacts can be found in the new book: Provincial Artifacts - Volume IV, Skyrim (Revised Edition). The intention of this mod is to add new items for you to find organically, and to encourage more thorough exploration of Skyrim. To facilitate this I have intentionally avoided mentioning any particular artifacts, their powers, or their locations in the mod description. When unavoidable I have marked them as spoilers. I request that when leaving comments you do the same.

Mod Features:
Over 200 new lore friendly items waiting to be discovered across Skyrim and Solstheim.
6 new dungeons, and several new non-dungeon locations.
4 New books describing the lore of the artifacts, and often giving an idea of where to start your search.
A whole new museum to display the artifacts. (Compatible with LoTD with the patch.)
A replica system, allowing you to create non-enchanted versions of Artifacts to either display or use (Note: while true artifacts occasionally have atypical stats, all replicas are standardized to the stats of vanilla weapons, and are never more powerful than ebony.)

Museum of Artifacts
The museum of artifacts is your new location to display all of the wonderous new artifacts added by Artifacts of Skyrim. It has three display wings, one each for artifacts of Elven, Nordic, and miscellaneous origins. Here you can manually place or take artifacts, or peruse the displays. There is also an office space that acts a a partial player home. The office has full crafting stations and sorted storage. Here you will also find a workbench where you can craft replicas, as well as a chest that will allow you to automatically display artifacts. Last but not least, there is a training area where you can face off against up to four Golden Warriors with configurable difficulty and weapon choices. Perfect for testing artifacts or just leveling your combat skills!

Museum Features:
Artifact sorting - To display artifacts you have two options: you may simply place them in the artifact chest, pull the lever, and choose "Sort From Chest". The chest will automatically take any items within that you don't already have and place them on display. Or you may pull the sorting trigger and select "Sort From Inventory". Any items for display will be pulled directly from your inventory. Equipped items will not be taken. With either option replica items will always take precedence over real artifacts. As an example: if you create a replica of an item you already have on display and place it in the chest, you will find the original item back in the chest when you next look. Note: when displaying a significant number of items at once it is recommended that you wait a minute or so to make sure that the script has time to sort everything.

Replica Workbench - Here you may craft replicas of any artifacts you have either in your inventory, or on display (assuming you have the required smithing perks). Most replicas, unlike artifacts, have been designed to use the same stats (damage, speed, etc.) as vanilla weapons. No replicas are superior to ebony weapons/armor, staves use generic enchantments, and they all have 0 value.

Crafting stations - All crafting stations are located conveniently in one spot. No, really. One spot. How can this be, you may ask? With the magic of magic! The crafting room allows you to summon different rooms for smithing, alchemy, enchanting, and cooking. Simply pull the corresponding switch and observe as the room transforms before your very eyes!

Sorted storage - To use the office's sorting system you need only to place any items you want sorted into the "Sorting Box". It will then be added to a box with the corresponding category, which can be accessed from the storage area or relevant crafting areas. Please note that this is simple keyword sorting, so any modded items without the proper keywords will be placed in the Misc. box. You may also add an optional sorting chest to the Museum's entry hall. To do so use the book next to the chest in the office.

The Training Hall - Here you may engage in honorable combat with your sparring partners: The Golden Warriors. To configure your Golden Warriors simply activate the one you'd like to modify. You'll be able to change the difficulty between easy, medium, hard, or very hard. You can also direct them to use either a sword and shield, dual swords, a greatsword, a bow, or a staff. Simply hit the "Activate" button to activate them, or the "Deactivate" button to deactivate them. When you use the seal in the middle of the room all active warriors will initiate combat. Should you like to forfeit a fight you can simply leave the bounds of the arena. A defeated warrior will kneel and display his white flag, while a warrior that defeats you will proudly show his purple flag of victory! Regardless of the outcome you may either dismiss them or choose to spar again. The warriors will not kill you, the only permanent damage will be to your pride. If you would like your followers to observe without joining the fight you may simply tell them to wait at the benches (users of Inigo/AFT or similar mods can tell followers to relax/hang out here to have them actually sit down, but as long as they are in this area they should not enter combat). The hall also contains a healing font, should you need it, to restore your health, magicka, and stamina.

To gain access to the museum you just need to walk into solitude via the main entrance. You may also have to walk in and out of one of the shops or homes. The courier will then approach you and, lo and behold: you're on your way to museum ownership! - With the LoTD patch installed this will only happen after you've completed the introductory quest for the Dragonborn Gallery.


The mod adds 6 new dungeons, one of which is really a small worldspace. I Highly recommend that you play and discover them organically, however if you would like specifics they are as follows:

As with any mod that makes changes to vanilla locations there is always the chance of minor conflicts. That said, I've made the effort to keep Artifacts of Skyrim as compatible as I could. I've also made sure that it is compatible out-of-the-box with some of the more popular mods that may have otherwise had issues. This includes: JK's Skyrim, JK's Interiors, Obscure's College of Winterhold, and Open Cities. For full LoTD compatibility you will want the patch (See the Optional Files section below!!). I will not make, and do not approve any patches to creation club mods.

The number of vanilla assets that were directly modified (not counting cells) can be counted on your hands. So while a bashed patch is always recommended, you may never notice if you don't have one. Here is a list of affected items, and the reasons they are required (list contains spoilers):

Optional Files:
Legacy of The Dragonborn Patch - This patch, while not strictly necessary, integrates the museum of artifacts with the Dragonborn gallery. It will allow you to sort this mod's artifacts from the Dragonborn Gallery's display prep station, add recipes for the replicas to LoTD's replica work benches, and let you open a portal between the two museums. It also includes a short quest filled with tragedy, death, and mail fraud! If you use LoTD V4 this patch will not work, but as stated above it isn't necessary to function. Important note: This patch is intended to be installed at the same time as Artifacts of Skyrim - Revised Edition. If you install it after having played and visited the museum the quest will be auto completed. All features will be available, but you will loose the context provided by the quest.

Nchuak Vanilla Normal Paths - By default the Armor of Nchuak uses a copy of the vanilla dwarven armor normal maps under a new path. This was done to prevent mods that abnormally retexture dwarven armor from messing it up. This file restores the original file paths, allowing the armor to use whatever texture mod you may have. This is highly recomened if you use aMidianBorn dwarven armor, a texture upscale mod, or anything that improves the normal maps while keeping the vanilla layout.

Legacy of The Dragonborn/Artifacts of Boethiah Patch - This patch is to fix an odd logistics conflict while using LoTD and Artifacts - The Tournament of The Ten Bloods by FankFamily. You only need this file if you are using the patch between those two mods. The issue that that patch fixes is that both mods added the same artifact, so the patch replaced LoTD's version with a different artifact. Artifacts of Skyrim adds the same artifact that the patch adds. This file will remove that item, resolving the conflict. If you don't mind having duplicate artifacts, you do not need this patch. The artifact in question is:

ENB Patch - This is an attempt to alleviate some framerate drops that a few users have gotten in the Museum of Artifacts while using an ENB. It reduces some of the lighting and FX in high load areas of the museum. This is not a guaranteed fix. I don't recommend blindly downloading this just because you use an ENB, check if you have framerate issues in the museum first.


Install using your mod manager of choice, or install manually
This should be safe to install mid playthrough. If you do so you may have missed artifacts, but there will be plenty more, and you can just go back to get the ones you missed most of the time.
As mentioned above, if you use the LoTD patch it's best that you install it right after installing the mod.

Q: Why aren't all of the artifacts sitting in a chest in Riverwood?
A: Because that would be no fun! :D

Q: What types artifacts did you add?
A: All of them. All of the artifacts. Nordic, Daedric, Necromantic, Aldmeri, Altmeri, Dunmeri, Dwemeri, Imperial, Khajiiti, Argonian, Orcish, Old, New, Amazing, Insane, Swords, Bows, Axes, Shields, Staves, Armor, Jewlery. All. Of. Them. Whatever your playstyle or backstory, there should be something for you!

Q: Is this compatible with X mod?
A: Usually yes. On occasion it may be possible to be incompatible with mods that also edit the same locations where I placed the artifacts. I tried to keep the mod compatible with the most popular mods out of the box, which includes all of JK's interiors so far, Obscure's College of Winterhold, and Open Cities. You will need the patch for LoTD to get the full experience there (less for incompatibility, more to help meld the features of the two mods together).

Q: Can you make X artifact disenchantable?
A: No.

Q: Will more artifacts be added in the future?
A: Maybe. I don't plan on regular updates, but I intentionally built the mod to be easy to add new items down the line. If I come up with an idea for a new artifact or two It may warrant an update.

Q: Is this mod perfectly balanced?
A: Skyrim isn't perfectly balanced. That said, there is only one artifact that I would say is "overpowered" and it's intentionally built with significant limitations, and very good reasons not to use it if you're playing a cautious character (you may know what artifact I'm talking about if you played the original Artifacts of Skyrim). Other than that there isn't anything that falls outside of vanilla power limits. (of course this is Skyrim, with Smithing + Enchanting + Alchemy there is effectively no limit on the player's power. If you want something to be overpowered, you can make it so.)

Known issues:
- As far as I'm aware there are no game breaking bugs.
- There is one armor artifact that will not work correctly with certain weapon artifacts. They wont break, but the effects of one will override the other. The artifact in question is:

- Occasionally the Golden Warriors in the training hall will not animate correctly. This is due to the inherent jankyness of Skyrim's animation system. It wont break anything, but it can sometimes look a little bit off.
- Sometimes when the Golden Warriors defeat you you may be still able to attack them. As far as I can tell this should not be happening. If I were to guess it may have something to do with the game ignoring parts of scripts after the player "dies". It shouldn't cause any real issues, just don't attack them if this happens. Or do, but that would be cheating.
- Some artifacts do not work for followers or NPCs. This will be for one of three reasons:

1: 100% intentional, the item is too strong if given to a follower/NPC. In this case I have stopped them from using it myself.
2: The artifact works in such a way that an NPC doesn't understand how it works, and thus wont use it. In this case it is the AI not being willing to use it.
3: The artifact uses a perk to function, thus it does nothing on NPCs. In this case they will still equip it, they just wont gain any benefit. This is a limitation of the engine, and affects several vanilla items too. If you didn't notice it before you won't now.
For either of the first two situations, if you really like the visuals of the artifact on your follower, I recommend using a replica. 
- Please report any other bugs you may find in the "Bugs" section. 

Insanity's Ebony Sword By InsanitySorrow - 

Ceymallari By atomec -

Insanity's Celtic Coin By 
InsanitySorrow - 

Weapons of the Third Era By 747823 -

Auriels Crossbow and Swords By Ghosu -

Beast Skeletons By PROMETHEUS_ts and Issgard -

Blary's Resources By Blary - (Museum Decorations)
SirJesto - Help with the LoTD patch
IcecreamAssassin - Help with the LoTD patch
Will Handford, Aka Auryen Morellus - Voice acting for Auryen in the LoTD Patch

  • User Screenshots are welcome, just please do not take them so as to reveal an artifact's exact location.
  • For those who are wondering, this mod incorporates two of my older mods that weren't previously ported to SSE: Legends of Nchuak and East Empire Company Armor