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The gates are closed ! Now the guards won't let you enter the city when you want. Cities are closed during the night and you need to pay the tax to enter during the day. Of course, people of note do get a pass.

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Move along, stranger, the gates are closed ! Now the guards won't let you enter the cities when you want. Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and Riften are closed during the night and you need to pay the tax to enter during the day. Of course, people of note like the thanes or the Dragonborn do get a pass.


The gates of the five major cities of Skyrim are now closed by default and you get stopped by a guard when you arrive.
New guard dialogue with the options to pay the tax, intimidate, persuade or just leave
Access to the cities is forbidden between 9pm and 6am (options to persuade or intimidate)
***NEW in 1.1*** The drawbridge in Whiterun is closed during the night, using it is considered a crime
Thanes don't get stopped by the guards in their respective holds and receive the key of their capital city
The members of the Companions pay half the price to enter Whiterun and can enter during the night
The gates of Whiterun are permanently open for the members of the Circle
Cities are permanently open and free in all of Skyrim if you are either the Harbinger of the Companions or the Dragonborn
***NEW in 1.1*** Cities are permanently open and free in all of Skyrim if you finished the civil war questline
All the gate guards have gate keys that can be stolen
After going to jail or paying a fine, you will be teleported outside of the city
***Optional Patch*** No free pass is given to the Dragonborn, the Harbinger or after the CW Questline


The city gates are locked by default and will stay closed until you find a way to enter. Once opened, you have access to the city for the whole day until the gates are locked again at 9pm. In the cities which have multiple gates (Windhelm and Riften), paying the tax for one will open all the other gates for the day.

***NEW in 1.1*** In Whiterun, a guard will close the drawbridge at 9pm and open it at 6am. Getting close to the levers to use it is considered a crime. However, if you nonetheless manage to open it during the night or close it during the day, the guard will come to put it back in its correct position.

The guard in Whiterun won't stop you and ask you to pay the tax until after his dialogue in the quest Before the Storm. Since you are delivering informations about either the attack in Helgen or the state of Riverwood to the Jarl, you can enter freely the first time. However, I removed the option to bribe the guard since it made no sense with my mod.

You don't have to wait until the guards come to stop you to be able to enter, I added standard dialogue options to pay the tax, intimidate and persuade which appear anytime you talk to the gate guard. However, be careful not to pay the tax if the gate is already opened, for he won't hesitate to accept your gold anyway.

The dialogue with the guard who tries to scam you in Riften has been removed, also because it made no sense with this mod.


JK's Skyrim - Compatible
Open Cities Skyrim - Compatible (if you use JK's Skyrim + OCS, use the OCS patch)
Alternate Start - Live Another Life - Compatible
Skyrim Unbound (Alternate Start) - Partially Compatible, don't overwrite when installing my mod. You won't get the Whiterun gate key when becoming thane during the Dragon Rising quest. You can either add it with the console, steal it or do the quests to become thane of Whiterun when Vignar Gray-Mane is Jarl.
Not So Fast - Main Quest - Compatible, use the patch provided in the optional files


Hasn't been tested post civil war, some guards might lose their dialogue option. Let me know in the comments if you have any issue
and I will fix it as soon as possible.