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Craft all kinds of clothing items with the new crafting station, the Weaving Loom! Unlock many new craftable unenchanted items at both the Blacksmith Forge and Weaving Loom by progressing in quests, including faction gear and previously unobtainable items.

Permissions and credits

Something I've found bothersome ever since I first played vanilla Skyrim is how limited you are in choosing the right clothing and armor for your character. Merchants might not always have the items you want in stock, so you have to keep waiting for their inventory to reset, until they get them. Some items have to be acquired by stealing or using exploits, and others are simply impossible to get. Some items only exist with enchantments already on them, which makes it impossible to customize them with your own Enchanting abilities.

This mod aims to remedy these problems by greatly expanding the selection of items that can be crafted. This includes the more "mundane" clothing, like farm clothes and chef clothes, but rarer and more specialized items will also become available as you progress in quests related to them.

The Weaving Loom

Since we are making clothing items craftable, we need a crafting station, which is where the Weaving Loom comes in. You can find these placed in a few select locations across Skyrim. See also the Compatibility Guide for Mod Authors for information on placing your own looms.

Weaving Loom locations:
Radiant Raiment, Solitude - At the back of the shop
The Blue Palace, Solitude - In the servants' quarters
Dragonsreach, Whiterun - In the room underneath the kitchen
Palace of the Kings, Windhelm - In the kitchen
Understone Keep, Markarth - At the top of the stairs between the kitchen and the Jarl's throne
Raven Rock - Fethis's shop at Alor House

New Equipment

Thieves Guild
Not only can you craft an unenchanted version of the standard Thieves Guild Armor set, you will also gain access to the alternative Thieves Guild Cowl and the Thieves Guild Gray Sleeveless Armor set once you become a member of the Thieves Guild. After completion of the quest Speaking With Silence, you will also be able to craft Karliah's Armor set. Once you become the leader of the Thieves Guild, you will be able to craft the Thieves Guild Leader Armor set.

Dark Brotherhood
In order to correct the inconsistency between the male and female versions of the Shrouded Cowl and Ancient Shrouded Cowl, these items will no longer have a mask regardless of your race or gender. You can now find a Shrouded Masked Cowl in the Falkreath Sanctuary, which is enchanted, or you can craft an unenchanted one at a forge. This special masked cowl does have a mask regardless of your race or gender (however, mind that it may clip with some beards and whiskers). You can now also craft the Shrouded Short-Sleeved Armor, the same armor that Arnbjorn wears. After completion of the quest The Cure for Madness, you will be able to craft the unenchanted Jester's Clothes set. All of the Dark Brotherhood equipment can be crafted whether you choose to join the Dark Brotherhood or destroy it.

Recommended mod: RUSTIC ARMOR and WEAPONS by Gamwich (Strongly recommended for the shoulder texture fix.)

If you complete a favor for Ahtar, the executioner in Solitude, you will be able to craft the Executioner's Robes set as well as the Headsman's Axe. The Executioner set counts as Light Armor. The Headsman's Axe has longer range than a typical battleaxe. (Originally, this axe could only be acquired by taking it from Ahtar.)

Recommended mod: RUSTIC CLOTHING by Gamwich

Giant Clothes
If you defeat any Giants who are wearing clothes, you can now loot their equipment! You won't be able to wear it right away, but you can take it to a forge to refit it to human size. The items will count as Light Armor. This equipment set only has 3 pieces, but you can still get the Matching Set bonus as long as you are not wearing a helmet. The set does not offer especially good protection, but wearing all 3 pieces grants the Giant's Strength ability, which increases your attack damage by 25%!

Recommended mod: GIANT by Kajuan (The UV maps have been tailored to ensure compatibility with this retexture.)

Tsun's Armor
After completion of the quest Dragonslayer, you can craft Tsun's Armor set at the Skyforge. The items will count as Heavy Armor. This equipment set only has 3 pieces, but you can still get the Matching Set bonus as long as you are not wearing a helmet. The set does not offer especially good protection, but wearing all 3 pieces grants the Might of the Bear ability, which increases your attack damage by 25%!

Recommended mod: aMidianBorn Tsun by CaBaL (Only for the 4K version; the 2K version has already been included.)

Dragonbone Crown
After completion of the quest The Jagged Crown, you can craft a replica of the crown, called the Dragonbone Crown at the forge. It has to be made out of Dragon Bones, so you also need the Dragon Armor perk to make it!

Recommended mod: Frankly HD Dragonbone and Dragonscale - Armor and Weapons

Recipe Tweaks

Armor formulas local to Solstheim (i.e. Bonemold and Chitin) will not appear until you have visited Solstheim. A few other "easter egg" items, such as the Shellbug Helmet, will also be hidden until you have acquired the appropriate items.

Clothing Tweaks

A few clothing items that were originally considered armor have been changed to function as clothing for the sake of convenience and consistency. This includes the Fine Armguards worn by Jarl Korir, the Gilded Wristguards that belong to the Emperor, Ulfric's Armguards, and the Cultist's clothing from Solstheim. Some essential bugfixes on clothing items were also included in order to ensure that crafted items would function correctly (no surprises for Unofficial Patch users).


I would like to keep this mod well-supported with patches, as long as the requests are reasonable. Let me know in the comments section what mods you would like patched.

Current compatibility/patch status of mods:
Beyond Skyrim - Bruma - Third-party patch available.
Cloaks and Capes - Patch available.
Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered - Won't patch.
Hunterborn - Patch available.
JK's Palace of the Kings - Patch available.
JK's Radiant Raiment - Patch available.
Skyrim Unbound / Skyrim Unbound Reborn - Patch available.
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - Patch available.
Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - Patch available.

See also: Compatibility Guide for Mod Authors

Special Thanks

Thanks to the creators of these great tools:
- Ousnius and Caliente - BodySlide and Outfit Studio, Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
- martlart - Male0toCBBEtoMale0 - Conversion References
- NIF File Format Library and Tools contributors - Nifskope, Blender Niftools Addon
- zilav - Sniff