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Adds special weapons to the most important characters in Skyrim. Ulfric Stormcloak and General Tullius now carry weapons to fit their station!

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What is Royal Armory?

Isn’t it strange that all the important characters in Skyrim like Ulfric Stormcloak and general Tullius walk around with common steel weapons? Meanwhile in Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings every noble and their daughters seem to be carrying a sword with a name.
Wouldn’t the Imperial General of Skyrim carry his own personal sword? Wouldn’t the most influential Jarls of the land have a weapon that fits to their station?
If that has bothered you as much as me then this is the mod for you!

The main goal of Royal Armory is to add immersion by giving the most important characters in Skyrim weapons to match their status.
There are no quests and no rewards in this mod. My idea was that you’ll encounter these weapons naturally during play through. Some of these weapons you can obtain when the owner dies, some you may be able to steal, and some you may never get your hands on. This is first and foremost an atmospheric mod.

But what if you are a collector and are looking for some new weapons to add to your collection?
You are not able to obtain every weapon during the game itself, but I did add an alternative way to obtain both enchanted and unenchanted versions of each weapon added by this mod. So no matter if you play this mod purely for immersion or as a collector of artifacts, you’ll be able to get what you need.

Like Heavy Armory my aim was to make new weapons that blend in seamlessly with the weapons Bethesda created.
That’s why I used bits and pieces of existing weapons to create new varieties. Basically, I don’t even want you to notice that there’s a mod running.


The easiest way to install the mod is by downloading and activating through the NMM. It will do all the work for you.
If for some reason you need / want to do a manual install just download and extract the content of the .7zip to your Skyrim/Data folder (choose overwrite if asked).
All that's left to do is activate the .esp and start the game!

Mod Content

- Absorbs health 15 pts
- Absorbs stamina 15pts
- Paralyzes for 2 sec

“While Maven Black-Briar never goes anywhere without a personal bodyguard, she
knows that a woman of her station has to be able to defend herself as

- 10 pts Frost Damage with 50% chance of double Frost damage
-  3% chance of extra 45 pts Frost Damage

“Cresent was forged in an age when the techniques to work Stalhrim were still
common knowledge. The axe is enchanted with the tides of winter making
it even more deadly, though somewhat unpredictable..“

- Drain magicka 30 pts
- Boost own magicka 70 pts

“Shalidor created this dagger early in his life and it was meant as a defensive
weapon that takes an opponent's magical abilities and transfer it to the
wielder. Other mages mockingly called the weapon The Hungry Knife.“

- 15 pts Drain Stamina
- 10 pts Stamina Damage

“The greatsword mixes a traditional Imperial design with a sharp ebony
blade. The weapon looks alien and discomforting; a frightening sight to
any who would dare give the Commander a fight.“

- Fire, Shock or Frost damage 10 pts
- Absorb magicka 15 pts

“Based on ancient Aldmerian design, these swords are the pinnacle of Altmer
craftsmanship. They are also extremely expensive to produce, reserving
them almost exclusively to the most important within the Thalmor ranks.“

- Frost damage 10 pts

“Forged by Galmar when he was still a young lad, he used this warhammer to kill
the Frost Troll who mauled his mother to death. As trophy he mounted
the monsters head on top of the weapon.“

- 15 pts Fire damage
- 10% more damage to Elves

“It is said that there’s always been a Gray-Mane working the Skyforge, and
that the family sword Hafyllbrand is the first weapon ever to be forged
there. Hafyllbrand displays the craftsmanship of the old Nords, and
while the sword does show its age, the steel is as sharp as any weapon
forged at the Skyforge today.“

- Sun damage 30 pts
- Fire damage 20 pts
- Extra damage to vampires
- Illuminates area like a torch

“The Hammer of Light is without a doubt one of the most powerful Dawnguard
artifacts. Legend says that the faction's founding Grandmaster managed
to trap a portion of the sun in the hammer through use of ancient

- Absorb Stamina 10 pts
- Chaos damage 20 pts
- Boost One Handed skill by 10 pts

“The Harbinger's Axe was given to Harbinger Terrfyg by Hircine, the lord of
Werewolves. The axe was both a gift and an insult, for while this was a
truly powerful artifact, it was also a cruel reminder that Hircine was
now controlling Terrfyg’s destiny.“

- Fire damage 25 pts
- Adds Dragon’s Command (Rally) ability

“Tullius received the sword from the emperor himself and the emperor spared no
expenses. During the Great War Judgment so much use and the sight of
this weapon held high became a beacon of hope for the Imperials on any

- Frost damage 35 pts

“The blade was introduced during the reign of king Wulfharth. According to
some stories Wulfharth forged the weapon himself out of stalhrim and
ebony, while others say the king found the sword stuck in a glacier.
When he pulled the weapon free, the entire glacier shattered into a
million pieces.“

- Damage stamina 15 pts
- Absorb health 15 pts
- Slow target 60 pts for 3 sec

“No one knows how or when Mercer Frey came into possession of the
shortsword that he calls Malice but it fits the description of a weapon
wielded by a cultist of Boethiah during the 2nd Era. This cultist was
said to be the Daedric Prince’s personal assassin to whom Boethiah
granted a wicked weapon that could strike swift and drain the power from
its victims.“

- Shock damage 10 pts
- Grants 15% elemental resistance and 30% poison resistance

“During and after the Great War the Blades were systematically killed off and
many of their artifacts were destroyed. One of the few surviving
members, Esbern, took the Mentor's Blade when he went into exile as a
weapon and to safeguard this last treasure of a dieing order.“

- 45 pts Chain Lightning

“Neloth has always tried to push the boundaries of magic, but his research into
heart stones has allowed him to create stronger spells than before. His
current staff is a work of art, with and enchantment that is extremely
deadly in the right hands.“

- No enchantment

“The blade was forged by Legate Rikke’s father who was an exceptional
blacksmith. After his death Northern Honour was returned to young Rikke
who kept the blade by her side while she honed her skills. When it was
her time to join the legion she took the sword with her and it has not
failed her since.“

- Does extra damage to Daedra, Undead, Werewolves and Hagravens

“Pendulum is Carcette's symbol of justice, a special long mace forged years ago
specifically for her when she took office. It’s a weapon made for
killing, and it’s especially good at killing monsters.“

- 10 pts Absorb Health, 15 pts shock damage (Regnving)
- 10 pts Absorb Health, 15 pts frost damage (Snærving)

“ To match her fighting style, Frea forged herself two hatchets; light
and small axes that allow her to slash and cut at blinding speed. The
Skaal will tell you that after Frea named her weapons the All-Maker
himself extended his blessing and enchanted the axes with the power of
storm and snow.“

- Frost damage 25 pts
- Extra damage against Elves

“Rikvard is a legendary axe said to have been brought to Skyrim by one of
Ysgramor's companions. Ulfric Stormcloak now wields the axe, and he
cleverly uses the mythical status of Rikvard as a symbol to solidify his
position as leader. As his Stormcloak rebellion takes shape, Rikvard
has become a symbol of Nord independence.“

- 20 pts absorb stamina
- 20% more damage to Falmer

“On one excavation Calcelmo and his nephew Aicantar uncovered a Dwarven
shortsword, which they would later name Shard. While Calcelmo was
determined to add this weapon to his Dwemer museum, Aicantar persuaded
him to keep the artifact by his side.“

- 15 pts Sun damage
- Extra damage to Undead and Werewolves

“The story behind Silvertongue is a cruel one. An ancient patriarch of the
Silverblood family had Silvertongue made with the silver mined in Cidhna
mine. A swordsmith imprisoned there was forced to forge the weapon. It
is said that he labored for weeks without rest and by the time the
weapon was done, the blood from his hands ran dark over the blade.“

- Chance of one or more random effects! Not all to your benefit..

“Smile was first seen in the hands of Cicero after he returned from his final
job before taking the position of Keeper. The task was to assassinate a
jester. Cicero returned with the dagger in hand and with his sanity
shattered. The only explanation he offered was that he made a new friend
and they dined on cheese..“

- 15 pts Shock damage

“ Stormbird is a beautiful little sword, extremely detailed and
displaying some of the best Altmerian craftsmanship. But it doesn't take
a trained eye to notice the weapon's bulk; Stormbird is a heavy and
clunky weapon for it's size.“

- Stamina damage 20 pts
- Shock damage 15 pts

“The Blade of Dragonsreach was forged by a particular influential Jarl
during the early 2nd era as a symbol of his power. After his death the
sword was passed on from Jarl to Jarl, because in the end this
exceptional weapon is truly worthy of the leader of Whiterun.“

- Fire damage 15 pts
- Boost Two Handed skill by 20 pts

“The curved swords of the Alik’r are a common design in Hammerfell. Yokuda’s
Edge is a remarkable weapon that takes this curved design and applies
it to a two handed sword. Kematu’s sword is of truly exceptional
craftsmanship, allowing its wielder to swing at a speed that would seem
impossible for a weapon its size.“

How to get these weapons?

Obviously you want to get your hands on these weapons now. There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Play the game and encounter each weapon naturally during playthrough.
This would be the immersive way. You'll encounter the weapons while playing through quests. Some you'll gte your hands on, other not.
For a detailed overview of where to find all weapons, see this article.

2. You want these weapons now! Or you already finished certain quests and some weapons can't be obtained anymore because the characters wielding them are dead and gone. Or you simply want unenchanted version of these weapons to put your own enchantments on.

Luckily for you there is another way!
Bring up your console using ` and type:

coc PITestSpace

You'll be transported to a room with both enchanted and unenchanted copies of every weapon added by this mod.
Try them out, take them with you and use them on your quests or put them on display. The choice is yours.
(Ps. You can fast travel back to Skyrim from the test space or just use console commands to return).


Always be sure to read the above mod description first!
Still didn't find the answers you're looking for? Maybe you'll find them in this section.

-Do Texture replacers work with HR?
Yes, as long as they override the original Skyrim textures.

-Does (Mod X) conflict with Royal Armory?
Royal Armory is a very minimal mod. It only adds weapons to a few characters and makes some minimal changes to a few cells.
Mods that add weapons to the same characters as this mod obviously conflict. Mods that add armor to these characters should work fine.
Also mods that heavily modify the basement of Jorrvaskr may conflict, though you should test to see if this is the case or not.

-Some/most weapons appear invisible.
This issue could be related to the NMM. Try re-downloading the mod. If that doesn't fix the problem, try a manual install. This has been known to fix it.

-Will you create a patch for (Mod X)?
No. But if anybody would like to create a patch between HA and another mod they are free to do so. Upload your mod and send me a link so I can link to it in the description.

-Can I translate Royal Armory to another language?
I’d be happy if you did! Upload your translation and send me a link so I can link to it in the description.

-Can I use assets from your mod for my own mod project?

Sure! But I’d ask you to notify me either through a PM or in the comment section. Also I want to be credited in your mod for the work you use.

Thank you

Thank you! Yes, you! Everybody who ever downloaded, endorsed and/or commented on this mod. It’s because of you guys that I continue working on this stuff. All the support means a lot to me and I’m happy that there are people who enjoy using my mods.
And very special thanks to Katcher12 and Dimitrisgrr who helped out with converting this mod to the SE. I really appreciate it!
Also I would like to give an extended thanks to icecreamassassin for all his time and help!