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Tactical Reload Patch Repository, for your Tactical Reload needs.

Permissions and credits
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THIS PATCH COLLECTION HAS BEEN ABANDONED (well, always has been for a while now). I don't play Fallout 4 anymore.
You may use the animations from this patch, so long as you credit the original animators of said animations.

A collection of all Tactical Reload Framework patches.

List of patches available :


OTs-33 Pernach - Pistol 
Russian Recon Pack - SVU and MP443 (has support for F34R's Reanimation)
Steyr AUG A1 (partial animations based off the original animation, won't look that good if used alongside F34R's Reanimation)
- Heckler und Koch - G36 Complex (partial animations based off the original animation, won't look that good if used alongside F34R's Reanimation)
Heckler und Koch - MP7 (has support for F34R's Reanimation)
- Heckler und Koch - UMP 
- Heckler und Koch - MP5 Complex 
Springfield Armory M1A 
- MK18 CQBR (has MK18 DeluxeMK18 Armory Project and Another MK18 Addon support)
- Glock 19X - Pistol 


PL-14 'Lebedev' 
- SIG SG 550 
- Izhmash SV-98 Sniper Rifle 
- IMI .50AE Desert Eagle 
- Steyr AUG A3 - Modular Assault Rifle 
- Heckler and Koch - Mark 23 SOCOM 
- AKM Complex (Tokarev partial animations doesn't really fit)
- Combined Arms - Modern Weapon Pack (has Combined Arms - Expansion Pack support)


AnotherOne's Police Weapon Pack 
AnotherOne M1 Carbine (requires Springfield Armory M1A and my M1A TR patch)
AnotherOne SIG P320 Reanimation (requires Glock 19X - Pistol and my G19x TR patch)
- AnotherOne AreX Zero 1 (requires Glock 19X - Pistol and my G19x TR patch)
AnotherOne Walther PPK and Deliverer replacer (requires Glock 19X - Pistol and my G19x TR patch)
AnotherOne PP-91 Kedr 
AnotherOne TEC-9 


9mm Pistol (Browning Hi-Power) Redux 
- Grease Gun SMG 
- 12.7mm Pistol (Sig Sauer P127) 
- Caravan Shotgun 
- Bullpup Bozar 


Crude Blowback 
Varmint Rifle - The Return 
M1 Garand - A WWII Classic 
A Bundle of Tape - A weapons pack 
Ak5C - A Nordic Relic 


Light Support Weapon 
- Viper-6610 - Innovative 10mm pistol 
- Viper Armory Inc. Bogey-7210 Military 10mm Pistol 
- Shanxi Type-97 Chinese Laser Pistol


Walther Gewehr 43 (has AnotherOne's Walther Gewehr 43 Addon support)
- HS Produkt VHS-2 Rifle 
- IMI Galil Rifle 
IMI Uzi - Smg (has AnotherOne's IMI Uzi Addon support)
SIG MCX - Assault Rifle (requires either Jed's Sig MCX Rattler PDW - Addon for Subleaders SIG MCX or SIG MCX Armory Project or both(standalone TR patch is on MCX's optional files))




- BFV PPK (read the article for instructions)
- BFV StG44 (has AnotherOne's Stg-44 Addon support, read the article for instructions)


- Right-handed SubmachineGun 
- 10mm Pistol Reanimation Pack 


- Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer 
- Hunting Rifle Animation Replacer 

The Shiny Haxorus 

HK USP Match and Tactical 
- FN P90 
- 9x39 Project Addon and Replacer (has 9x39 Project Addon - SR3M support)


Winchester 5mm Range Rifle (requires Reanimation Pack for Combat Shotgun and Rifle)
Pistol Grip Combat Rifle (requires Tactical Reload DLC Weapons if not using Right-Handed Archive, Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer and it's TR patch if using Right-Handed Archive)


- Remington ACR (requires MK18 CQBR and my MK18 CQBR TR patch)
Escape from Boston - Heckler and Koch G36 

- dazzerfong's MK14 EBR (requires MK14 EBR Animations)
- Wasteland Melody's Chinese Assault Rifle (requires Chinese Assault Rifle Animations, has AnotherOne Wasteland Melody Chinese Assault Rifle Addon and Chinese Assault Rifle Animations with Vanilla Attachments support)
- GrinnginUrchen's Mauser Pistol (requires Chinese Pistol Animations)
YonaTaku's DefenseGun 
- LtCommander's DKS-501 Sniper Rifle - Standalone 
- Millenia's M3D - OTs-02 Kiparis 
- hifoo/Higeyosi's Jericho 941 (requires AnotherOne Jericho 941 ReanimationGlock 19X - Pistol and my G19x TR patch)
- AlexScorpion's Makarov PM 
- Cumble's Riot Shotgun (Fallout 4 Edition) (requires Riot Shotgun Animations)
- Kempfer93's nolifepothead's PPSH-41 fix 
- fadingsignal's Beretta M9-FS (92FS) (requires either Fiddler's Beretta M9FS Animation Overhaul or Battlefield 4 Animation Pack - Beretta M9-FS (read the article for instructions))
- CHNGhostDelta (ChopinWu)'s Kriss Vector 
- lKocMoHaBTl's VUWR - Vanilla Unique Weapons Remastered 
- Toasty Fresh's N99 10mm Pistol - F4NV 
- TheBigLidowski/Utherien's Accuracy International AX50 Anti-Materiel Rifle 
neeher's Select Assault Rifle 
- masterskywalker3 / WarDaddy's AA-12 Shotgun 
- Ardent's Ruger Mini-14 

There's also a replacer ESP for Bwones' Tactical Reload Vanilla Weapons, DLC Weapons, and Esteva's Double-Barrel Reanimation TR Patch that fixes the HumanRace and PowerArmorRace so that it doesn't conflict between each other. Also, a fixed version of TR-STS patch, that fixes the wobble that occurred during partial reloading on Power Armour, courtesy of Shaya.

If you need any help or there's bugs on one of my patches, feel free to ask in the "Posts" section and report bugs in the "Bugs" section respectively. I'm also on one of the many Fallout 4 Discord servers, and you can also find me on HyperX's public Discord server, Fallout 4 Damned Mods (F4DM). I'm more active on Discord, because, of course.


Special thanks to Bwones for his Tactical Reload Framework and partial animations, esteva2103 for his partial animations, and Bingle for teaching me how to make a Tactical Reload patch. More credits are listed on the "Permissions and Credits".