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Custom animation for Millenia's Sig Sauer P220

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Finally v2.0 is up. Got the time to update this. Reworked most of the animation, some are just been cleaned, nothing major. Fixed alignment issue with the laser and reflex sight. Hammer animations and proper decocker function. 

Check out this quick video :D 


This mod adds custom animation to Millenia's super awesome 
 M3D - Sig Sauer P220 .
This is by far my favorite sidearm in game, so I decided that I'll give animation a try. 
I have never done this before so this is basically my first mod and attempt to animate. I have just little over a month of animating experience so bare with me.

What does this mod add? Basically it adds 1st person animations only for P220.... for now....


 1. Resized version of the P220

 2. Two different equip animations, one when gun has no mount attached and one with mount attached

 3. Two different reload animations, for standard and quick magazines. This includes modification for Large Mag and Quick Large Mag. 

 4. New Unequip and Gun Down animation, light actually shines foreword when gun is lowered. :)

 5. New sighted animation/position, I always thought that gun is somewhat to close to the camera and couldn't see properly. 

 6. Few new idle animation. Just for fun, and practice reasons. 

 7. New material swaps. Tan and Green variants. 

   I really love Millenia's texture, but I wanted to add more variety to it and 4Echo was kind enough to give me the permission to use his awesome Tan Slide version from Shiny's pistol reanimation pack video and I tried to do it justice by making the rest of the weapon to it's liking and little more worn and damaged. 

     * Compatibility issue * 

    1. mcgFemaleWalk mod - messes up the gun in 3rd person. 
     2. Better Locational Damage patch
     3. Horizon P220 patch (I have Horizon, love it, but never used this patch)


                                                            * Recommended 1st person FOV 90 or 95* 
Bare in mind that before I decided to go public with this I made this mod for personal use and around the mods and fov I'm using.

                                                                                 * INSTALLATION * 

                                   Use NMM or extract the contents of the archive inside your Fallout 4/Data folder. 


                                               For all us Horizon users, check out this patch from ThaMan :  P220 - Horizon Compatibility Patch


                                                                                             - Credits -

                                                                                                     Model and textureMillenia
                                                  Plugin work - Big shout-out to my awesome mate ACAB1312 who helped me make this into a mod. :D 
                              General animating advice - The Shiny Haxorus (robersonb1) for putting up with me and my annoying questions and giving me
                                                                    the bullets and helping me set them up so the mags don't go empty. 
                                                                                                               Sound - Navaro
                                                                             Diffuse map Tan Slide - 4Echo, thanks for letting me use this.
                                                           Full Weapon Diffuse Tan and Green maps and animation - Me (FiddlerGreen) 

                                                                                  - Permission -

                                                                                     Just ask and we'll think of something. ;)