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Adds Sangria Hunter character kit inspired by Kafka from Honkai Star Rail. Featuring full costume, hair and a greatsword, with SMP cloth physics. For CBBE 3BA only. Support ENB Complex Material.

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Please read the entire description to understand the mod before reporting any issue in the comment section

Blender Render^

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I am greatly appreciated :)))

I don't really play Star Rail but of all MHY game, I like this game aesthetic the most. This was meant for STARFIELD but it will probably be like 3 years before that game is decently moddable. Back to Skyrim it is.

This mod adds the stylish costume Kafka wore in Star Rail to Skyrim as light armor. Featuring her unnamed greatsword and her hair, redesigned from 2D anime style. Every cloth fold painstakingly retopologized by hand and sheer will. Production run: 16 days.

Supports only CBBE 3BA (v2.4 or above).

4K coat + 2k everything else + 512 small accessories.

Comes in 2 versions: Default version and ENB version.

All screenshots are taken with ENB version

If you are a beginner with very minimal modlist and have no idea what SMP or bodyslides are, LOOK THEM UP first before getting this mod.

Warning: this mod features multiple SMP heavy parts.
Result may varied on lower end PC.

You can open and use bodyslide while in game and make changes to your clothing model without having to relaunch the game using MO2.

Most of the pieces are compatible with Cosplay Pack, either out of the box or come with compatible slider. The slot assignments on this outfit follow Cosplay Pack slot convention.

Coat, boots zipper, earring and ring has SMP with non-SMP version available.

SMP laser thread on the ring is PURE gimmick, for screenshot or aesthetic only unless you like having fly around in your regular playthrough.

Kafka hair also has SMP and is tintable, it will take your character's Racemenu hair color.

Sword comes with cool electrified AMD effect.

ENB Version

For more savvy users, this outfit also comes with ENB version that supports ENB Complex Material and ENB Dynamic Cubemap. This enable gloss and metallic map on top of just using regular environmental mask and with more immersive reflection from immediate environment rather than predefined cubemap. This combination results in material surface looking much closer to PBR than the traditional method.

How to Enable:
1) get your ENB working (using latest built)
2) navigate to your game root folder or your ENB preset folder
3) Find enbseries.ini and open it

under [EFFECT] look for these. If it isn't here, add it. If it is but ' = false ' then ' = true ' to enable them.
4) Save then exit  

You won't see much change to your game visual or performance unless you have mod that is made for these features so it is safe to just leave it on and forget about it.


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio  -  To build the outfit
Acro's CBBE 3BA
 XPMSSE  -  for body and cloth physics
Faster SMP - for body and cloth physics
Racemenu High Heels  -  to make shoes work


 B.O.O.B.I.E.S (aka Immersive Icons) - this mod comes with KID file for BOOBIES inventory icon
ENB - obviously for ENB version

Make sure you have all the requirements for these mods as well. Make sure they are working first before using this mod.

Always place any outfit mods after these in your load order.

If you are a new user and you have no idea what 3BA or SMP or bodyslides are, look them up first.

1) Install all the requirements and make sure they are up and running
2) Install with your mod manager of choice (MO2 is the correct answer)
3) Enable the mod plugin on your load order
4) open bodyslide and select group
5) outfit is in the group [Caenarvon] Sangria
6) Batch build with your favorite bodyslide preset and exit
6) Select the one - [SMP] suffix if you want to build with SMP

8) The costume is ready for your gameplay

9) Optional - Look up bodyslide individually for further customization


Use additem menu 


Choas is working on gacha mechanics but for now, it goes like this

at Radiant Raiment in Solitude

You will find this trendy [Rate up] Star Rail Banner

But it is locked because god forbit you get anything for free in a videogame these days

To unlock, you will need to craft [Star Rail Ticket] at the forge

Yes, with 20000 gold.

There will be a gacha mechanic someday with you buying/crafting 2000 gold a ticket and use it at the banner with very generous 0.3% success chance. Highly immersive.

Q: How is this even lore-friendly?
A: :GigachadYES:

Q: No, it's not.
A: Yes, it is.

Q: I am using your other mods and mod manager is giving a conflict warning when installing this mod, what?
A: Ignore it, its just a few reused cubemaps.

Q: Skirt stretch down on the ground, broken physics broken mod xdd.
A: You did not install SMP correctly. Follow the instruction on SMP mod page closely.

Q: I did a supercool anime summersault strike and dress got stuck in body parts, help!
A: reequip to reset physics, also try doing anime summersault irl while wearing a dress and see how it goes.

Q: I enter new cell and SMP is all messed up.
A: Some cell entrance is so far away from world origin where you actually spawn in and the game has to move you through long distance instantly to the door you are entering the cell from. Getting warp to the entry is what mess SMP up. It is simply a game design thing, not much I can do.

In fact, if SMP behaves weirdly, reequipping or use SMP reset console is your best bet
I highly recommend this mod
Clean Up the Physics Outfit - Collision Reset
for immersive way to reset SMP

Q: Does this mod work on AE?
A: Yes

Q: Why it does not look like by character's body type?
A: Build in bodyslide with your preset

Q: Costume clip a little bit, help?
A: As much as I tried to, it won't be prefect for all slider combinations. On user's side, you can fix a minor clipping by opening the outfit in Outfit Studio and use inflate tool to repair the clipped area.

I will not make bodyslide for other body mods

Special thanks to



My supporters :)))

& my mod testers


MHY for Honshin Star deRailed Impact 13th


In memory of Franz Kafka who lives on as an anime mommy in a Chinese gacha game. Life is truly Kafkaesque.

tools used: Marvelous designer, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, OS

Screenshots taken at AlterNative's Karlov Mannor

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