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A simple vanilla light armour mashup designed for travelling priest/monk types, for Vanilla Bodies, HIMBO, and CBBE.

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What is this mod?

This mod is a simple vanilla armour mashup designed for travelling Priests and Monks, it consists of the main robe, boots, and a scarf, and includes various colour variants based off the vanilla robe textures.

 The armour uses vanilla textures excluding the boots, and the pants/arm cuffs, so their appearance will vary depending on what retexture mods you are using, I highly recommend Xavbio's Robes Retexture which is seen in the example images.

The robes and boots have the same stats as the basic leather armour, they are both temperable. The scarf has no stats and takes up slot 46. All three along with all their variants are craftable at a tanning rack, see the spoiler for crafting recipes. They are not added to any spawns/levelled lists or vendors.


Boots come in 2 variants: Plain or Black
Scarves come in 7 variants: Yellow, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Blue, Black, and Bloody (Necromancer)
Robes come in 8 variants: Orange, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Blue, Black, Necromancer, and Vaermina

Travelling Boots - 1 Leather, 2 Leather Strips
Travelling Robes - 2 Linen Wrap, 3 Leather Strips, 1 Leather
Travelling Scarf - 2 Linen Wrap

Repurposed Travelling Priest Robes (All Colour Variants) - Robe of Matching Colour, 2 Leather Strips
Essentially you can turn vanilla robe sets into Travelling Priest Robes of the same colour for example: Necromancer Robes + 2 Leather Strips = Travelling Necromancer Robes

Not all of these 'repurposed' recipes will be possible, as some robes are unobtainable in vanilla but certain mods may add them to levelled lists, I just added these as a bit of flavour.

Mod comes packaged with meshes for the vanilla male/female body by default, there are bodyslide files for HIMBO and CBBE that come with an optional Zap to remove the little bag, make sure you build them first before playing if you need them.

Known Issues

I tried my best with the weight painting but I'm no expert, there will likely be some minor clipping issues and jank especially around the skirt of the robe.


Bodyslide if you wish to build either of the HIMBO or CBBE versions
Not required but I highly recommend using Xavbio's Robes Retexture if you want your robes to look like the images.


Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide/Outfit Studio and CBBE
Kreiste and Novelyst for HIMBO