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This mod adds an armor mashup with some weapons and a new dungeon with custom undead enemies! =D

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Hello! Welcome to my second mod! =D


This mod adds a new armor composed of a cuirass, tasset, boots, and gloves. There is now two new alternative version of the armor one chainmail version and one version that replace the female chestplate with the male chestplate . Additionally, there are 6 new weapons: 4 swords, 1 bow, 1 shield and 1 battle axe. Furthermore, there is a new dungeon for you to explore with 9 unique hand made enemies! Clearing the dungeon will reward you with the armor, weapons, and spell tomes, thus allowing you to summon your own skeleton army!

The armor supports only the CBBE body with no plans to convert it to another body. Since this is a plate armor, I don't want it to have body physics so it has none built in. There is now a male version that use the vanilla body !

The Silver Fang (sword) and Last Whisper (bow) both have a unique enchantment that increases their damages against vampires, werewolves, and the undead.

The male version doesn't use the same tasset as the female version , using the physics tasset or the non physics one will be the same for the male version ( both version use the same nif for the male version) . The tasset for the male version add additional armor parts and chainmail parts instead of the skirt of the female version . The armor rating of the tasset has been increased a bit.


All the items are located in the new dungeon: You can find the dungeon on your map next to the area surrounding Dayspring Canyon and Stendarr's Beacon. You will see a cave marker named "Heroes Rest Crypt".

If you already cleared the dungeon and possess some of the items in your inventory, then you can create new items at the forge. The 1H version of Silver Fang can be crafted if you possess the 2H version in your inventory. The non-physics version of the tasset can be crafted at the forge if the SMP version is in your inventory , you can also craft the armored boots if you possess the classic boots in your inventory , the chainmail version can be crafted if you posses the classic cuirass and the version that replace the female chestplate with the male chestplate ( called "M cuirass" in game) can also be crafted if you posses the classic cuirass or the chainmail cuirass. To craft the silver arrows that go with the bow Last Whisper, you need to possess the crafting book in your inventory. Lastly, all the items except the tasset can be enchanted.


A LUX version is available if you use LUX for interior lighting. To install it, simply replace the ESP of the main file with the ESP of the LUX version.

For ENB users, it's recommended that you download ENB Dynamic Cubemaps for real time reflection generation. Make sure to toggle "ApplyDynamicCubemapEverywhere" for the effect.


Use the mod manager of your choice (preferred method) or extract all the files to your Skyrim game folder (manual method).

For users that use BodySlide and Outfit Studio, it's recommended that you build the armor with the body preset included in this mod. If the sheathed knife looks distorted because of your body preset having the breasts at 100% (if you're using a different preset than the included one), then you can zap it away (along with a handful of other components) to remove it.


I want to thank all the original mod authors for giving me the authorization to use their assets, textures, and/or have their mod set to open permission!

Thanks to KreistewSkeever, and zhongjiedong for the cuirass , the gauntlets and the shield from his mod: Viridian Knight Armor 
Thanks to Petrovich for the shorts and the gloves from his mod: UNP Leather Clothes  
Thanks to Gimora for the boots from his mod: Linkle Outfit  
Thanks to QuarantineCouture for the tasset from his mod: Practical Pirate Outfit 
Thanks to Ellise for the scarf, pouches, and the spurs from his mod: Wayfarer's Coat  
Thanks to NordwarUA for a pouch from the main armor,the boots of the male version, the armor of the Rusted Skeleton, the armor of the Skeleton Soldier, and Nord Commander, as well as the Iron Soldier sword from their mods: Realistic ArmorSons of Skyrim, and New Legion  
Thanks to Shockero for the Skeleton Dragonborn armor from his mod: Dragonbone Barbarian Armors 
Thanks to crazylion for the bow Last Whisper and the silver arrows from his mod: CL's Weapon-replacer's  
Thanks to billyro for the chainmail armor , handle, blade, and sheath of Silver Fang, the rusted sword, the Dragonborn's Legacy battle axe, the Nordic Commander's Legacy, and the sheathed knife on the armor from their mod: Lazy Weapon Pack 2Lazy Weapon PackEchelonGalanterie - German Inspired LongswordFetcher's KnifeWarrior's LegacyYggdrasil Viking Sword and Chainmail Armour .


Thanks to EdDante34 who helped me to create the LUX version.
Thanks to destroyaha who helped me to improve the dungeon and also to write the journal and notes at the end of the dungeon.
Thanks to ScarletteCastle who took some awesome screenshots for my mod.
Thanks to Wartom94 for making the 2k downscaled version.
Thanks to ChasmX for making the ESL version.
Thanks to Xtudo for making the armored boots.


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