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Are you ready to jingle your bells?

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Are you ready to jingle your bells?
Check here for the skimpy addons
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  • 6 pieces of armor for males and females
    • Body "Wintersday Coat"
    • Body "Wintersday Dress"
    • Muffler "Wintersday Muffler" (to be paired with the Dress; might clip when worn with the Coat)
    • Boots "Wintersday Boots"
    • Gloves "Wintersday Cuffs"
    • Hat "Wintersday Hat"
  • 2 weapons
    • 1-handed sword "Noelle", can be reforged to "Noelle Stella"
  • 2 color variations, Red and Blue
  • Bodyslide files for:
    • CBBE 3BA (filter for "CBBE 3BA KSA - Xmas Fantasy" in Outfit Studio)
    • BHUNP (filter for "BHUNP KSA - Xmas Fantasy" in Outfit Studio)
    • HIMBO (filter for "HIMBO KSA  - Xmas Fantasy" in Outfit Studio)
  • Pre-built meshes are for CBBE 3BA and HIMBO; please run Bodyslide if you're using BHUNP to replace the female meshes.
  • Alternatively, if you use OBody/AutoBody (and CBBE/3BA + HIMBO), you do not have to run Bodyslide at all.
  • All items craftable and temperable.
  • The Hat requires HDT-SMP. Non-physics version can be build in Bodyslide.
  • Beast race supported. 
  • ESL
  • Notes for Patrons: If you download this from my Patreon, you're only missing the 4K textures addon. The main file is identical with the Patreon version.
  • This mod is made in/with Skyrim Special Edition version 1.5.97.
    I may not be able to provide support for 1.6.x ++ because I haven't upgrade the game and haven't played the game in that version yet to know how to help. 

Q: How to get the armor?A: Either by crafting, using something like AddItemMenu, or using console commands.

Q: How to use Bodyslide, BHUNP, CBBE 3BA and HIMBO?
A: This mod supports BHUNP, CBBE, CBBE 3BA, and HIMBO bodyslide. Don't ask us about how to use Bodyslide, BHUNP, CBBE, CBBE 3BA, or HIMBO.

Q: My hat falls through the ground?!
A: Your HDT-SMP mod may not be installed correctly. You might be using HDT-SMP for 1.5.97 while running game version 1.6.x. Please do not ask us about how to properly use/install HDT-SMP mod. 

Q: Is this mod compatible with xyz?
A: Probably: this mod edits literally 0 vanilla records. Don't ask us about it; we are not going to check for you.