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a Custom Race and Standalone Follower

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Someone suggested me to publish my beloved OC to nexus,
she is my favorite, so please for anyone who likes her,
take care of her!!!

So I published this as a Custom Race and Standalone Follower,
so you can also play it as a Player Character.
But as a Custom and Playable Race frankly I didn't add the Chargen Morph feature,
so you can't morph the face shape with the slider,
you can only do it with sculpt in the racemenu.

and as a Standalone Follower, here are the details:

Name: Grace Canici
Race: NEWOC Race (New Original Character Race)
Sex: Female
Body: SOMBody
Skin: SOMBody Skin Texture based on Diamond Skin Texture and BnP Female Skin Texture
Outfits: Night Raider Outfits
Hairstyle: Lime from KSHairdos HDT-SMP
Voice: FemaleEvenToned

Perk: Muffled Movement and Agile Defender
Faction: Thieves Guild

Her real name is unknown, but she is known as Grace Canici since living in Riften,
she often hangs out at Bee and Barb, but sometimes she is at Ragged Flagon


Sneak  = 25
One Handed = 10
Light Armor = 20
Illusion = 5
Archery = 10
Pickpoket = 10
Speech = 20

You can replace the body with 3BA or BHUNP but you also need to replace the body texture with Diamond Skin texture, sorry, for now I don't want to make the 3BA or BHUNP version, because I want to introduce my body replacer to the public

ousnius - KS Hairdos HDT-SMP
r1goodwin - Diamond Skin Texture
swefrida - BnP Female Skin