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High Poly NPC replacer for for several Bards including Aia, Illdi, Pantea, Inge, Lisette, Karita, Lynly and Mikael. The women have physics wigs. All included NPC's have high poly faces, eyes and brows. The files are ESL-ified. There is a FOMOD installer so you don't have to install everyone.

Permissions and credits

This mod contains High Poly face replacers for several bards including Aia Arria, Illdi, Pantea Ateia, Inge Six-Fingers (see FAQ), Lisette, Karita (Dawnstar), Lynly Star-Sung (Ivarstead, see FAQ) as well as Mikael from Whiterun (see FAQ).  They have high poly faces, eyes and brows.  The women have Xing physics wigs.

Aia, Illdi and Lynly have hair color options.  Please see the FAQ.

The mod includes FoMod so you can choose which NPC's you want to replace and skip the rest.

Installation, FoMod Configuration & Uninstallation

I suggest you use a mod manager, such as Vortex, to install this mod and its dependencies (see Requirements button above).  The mod manager should detect the FoMod file and let you choose which NPC's you want.  To uninstall, you can simply use the mod manager.  However, once you save a game using one of these NPC's, best to not delete this mod unless you also delete the saved game(s).

Mod Conflicts

The wig is necessarily part of a new Outfit record.  The NPC's Actor record references the Outfit record.  This mod will conflict with mods that have also modified the NPC's actor record.  (A face is also part of the Actor record.) 

If you want this mod to win conflicts, be sure to have is late in the load order.


Q. What are the options for Illdi?
A. Reddish or blonde wig.  I make the reddish variation first and it didn't seem bright enough to me in the dimly lit Bard's college.  So I added a blond option.

Q. What are the options for Aia?
A. Black or blond wig.  I made the black wig first but since I was making a blond variation for Illdi I made one for Aia too.  I personally like her better in the black wig but since I made the blond variation, I'm making it an option for you.

Q. What are the options for Lynly?
A. Spoiler alert -- Lynly is in hiding because someone wants to kill her.  Some references to her indicate that she has long flowing black hair.  (The Gem option.)  However, she has short blond hair in the base Skyrim game.  I can certainly imagine that she cut her hair and dyed it blond because she's in hiding.  My thought is that it is your game so you can decide which lore you want to follow (long flowing black or short blond).

The blond wigs are a choice between Fragile (short straight) and Chain Reaction (short curly).  I created the Fragile variation first but noticed it sometimes has an odd part in the back.  So, I created the Chain Reaction variation too. 

Finally, if you don't like the wig, you can change it.

Q. What if I want to change one of their wigs?
A. I have written 2 wig replacement mods which you can use to add/change wigs on standard adult human female NPC's.

Q. OK, what is Inge doing in this mod?  She's old!
A. Yes but she is one of the bards and can wear a physics wig.  However, she doesn't look good in a mini-dress so I recommend a mod such as Modest Elderly.

Q. OK, OK!  What is Mikael doing in this mod?
A. When I actually get around to playing, I end up seeing him a lot.  He also has the lore of being a womanizer so I wanted him to better "look the part" of a "Lothario."

Q. What mod did you use for the women's outfits in the screenshots?
A. They are available from both CBBE Minidresses Collection SE w Bodyslide and  Remodeled Armor CBBE SE.   The mod that is used is the mod you choose for the outfit in Bodyslide.  I used CT77 which is Remodeled Armor.  I used zappers to hide the leggings.

Q. What body types work?
A. Many types should work (see the Xing Wigs page).  I use CBBE 3BA (3BBB) and that is the body type used in the screen shots. 

Q. What if I want to change the wig's color?

A. Hair color is controlled by her Actor record (Creation Kit, SSEEdit) and RaceMenu.  If using CK, sure to use CTRL/F4 to resolve the Dark Face bug.  Also, I suggest you don't change the hair from Redguard 3 because wigs for Xing rely on that to look normal.

Q. Do I need to run Bodyslide?
A. You don't technically need  to but I very strongly recommended it.

Q. How do I report a bug?
If the problem is the wig color changes, that's a Racemenu issue.

If the problem is physics, please report there.  (I often read the Faster HDT-SMP posts.)

If the problem is invisibility, that is a known bug in the Anniversary Edition but the fine people over at Faster HDT-SMP are attempting to craft a work-around once they better understand what is happening.

If you otherwise find a bug, please verify that nobody has reported it before you.  If you are first, you can use the Bugs tab to submit your report.  Please be sure to provide details such as if you just started a new game or updated an existing game.  If you updated an existing game, please let me know if you've already been in the cell with the NPC or not.  If you removed this mod (hopefully via mod manager), it would help if you would report what the NPC looks like from the last save game before you installed this mod.

If the bug is the "dark face" bug, that could well be my mistake especially if you find it during the first week or two after this mod is published.  Please let me know which NPC.  However, it might be caused by a problem with your mod load-order.  If a mod loaded the Actor record after one of my mods, that could cause a "dark face" that I can't fix.  (Still, I might be able to help.)

In closing, please be aware that writing mods is my hobby, not my job. 

Q. One of the wigs, um, wigged out!  (Got stretchy.) 
A. I haven't seen that problem since Faster HDT-SMP replaced older HDT-SMP.  I can't fix it (it is a physics problem) but I might be able to help with countermeasures if someone lets me know about it.

Q. What makeup are the women using in the screenshots?
A. Fair Skin Complexion

Q. Would you consider making a mod with a different wig and/or clothing?
A. Yes.  I have written mods.  I'm also thinking of better ways to solve customization problems.