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SPID-based distribution for "HDT-SMP for Cloaks and Capes" with a minimal implementation method and maximized compatibility with various mods.

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# Welcome to SPIF-ified

SPID-ified is a series I am attempting on booting up into a continuous compilation that will maintain various mods that can be SPID-ified, aka distribution without altering vanilla game records to maximize compatibility. This works in tandem with various other mods that may alter the game's records, or simultaneously do the same thing as this mod. I highly recommend checking out BecomingNplus1's Detailed NPC series for even more SPID distribution.

Many parts of SPID offer a wide variety of utilization that has hardly reached its peak, allowing for various things such as Spells, AI Packages, Outfits, Specific Items, etc. to a group of NPCs, or specific ones, all without touching the base games records.

# HDT-SMP for Capes and Cloaks

This is the first iteration to the series, offering distribution for the cloaks and capes provided by the fantastic HDT-SMP for Cloaks and Capes mod by Kirax. It's been designed to work well with various mods that alter or add new armor pieces to guards. Cloak distribution for guards is set for a low chance, to avoid repetition and give the impression of hierarchy between guards, or personal preference in style.

As of now, the cloaks are only distributed to guards of each region, for specific reasons. I will eventually add distribution to specific NPCs for certain cloaks, as I do not feel that they fit appropriately to a wide variety of NPCs.

I am also aware that the original mod had removed distribution due to potential performance issues with the physics, however if you are using Faster HDT-SMP, which you should be, this will cause no issues, and cause hardly any, or no, performance drop at all.

# Installation and Usage

By default, this can be installed like any other mod, just click the download button, install like a normal mod and place anywhere in your modlist. Ensure there's no files overwriting these mods files, and then simply launch the game.

# Required Mods

For required mod installation, follow this process before installing this mod:
  1. Download and install SPID
  2. Download and install FSMP - Faster HDT-SMP
  3. Download and install HDT-SMP for Cloaks and Capes

# Credits and Sources

Before we start applauding and praising, let's remember those who made things like this possible.