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Unisex HDT-SMP standalone light armor.

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Unisex HDT-SMP (physics is enabled for cape, handkerchiefs, hairstyles and hat) standalone armor.

Armor includes:

1) Body
2) Gauntlets 
3) Boots
4) Hat in 4 variations:
  • Empty (can be applied on current hairstyle of your character, but clipping issues are possible)
  • With long hair
  • With short hair
  • With ponytail
5) 2 standalone hairstyles available through racemenu:
  • Long hair
  • Short hair
  • Ponytail

Outfit is craftable and upgradable, plugin flagged as ESL.


Use preferred mod manager or extract the content of the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition/Data folder.

The armor can be crafted on forge, or use the console commands:

Type in console:
help inquisitor

...find the ARMO items ID and add the outfit to inventory with console command:
player.additem <ID> 1

Or use AddItem/QUI mods.


Faster HDT-SMP is required for physics to work (as far as I can see "classic" HDT-SMP plugin doesn't get updates anymore).