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Unisex HDT-SMP standalone armor for mages.

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Unisex HDT-SMP (physics is enabled for skirt, cape, hairstyles and belt props + breasts physics for female version) standalone armor.
Outfit is craftable and upgradable, cape is available in 3 variants: with hair, without hair and with hood lowered down.
The outfit itself is available as cloth or as light armor.

Video preview:


10/06/22 1.1 Update: 

  1. Hood lowered down version of the cape added;
  2. Outfit converted to clothing instead of light armor;
  3. Fabric texture is less shiny;
  4. Plugin converted to ESL;
  5. No breasts physics patch added as optional.

10/06/22 1.2 Update: 

  1. Armor type fixed (it was not converted correctly last time), 2 versions are available now: cloth and light armor;
  2. Plugin was converted to ESPFE instead of ESL.

1.3. Update:

  1. Temper recipes removed from cloth version;
  2. Footsteps sound added to the boots;  
  3. Hood lowered down version added to light armor version of the mod.

3BA and HIMBO version made by urbon is available here

SPID patch made by kuroishitam is available here

Skyrim LE (+ extra colors) version made by Xtudo is available here

Non-HDT version (+ extra colors) made by Xtudo is available here

Version for NPCs (SPID) + texture and plugin options made by xilamonstrr is available here


Use preferred mod manager or extract the content of the archive to your Skyrim Special Edition/Data folder.

The armor can be crafted on forge, or use the console commands:

Type in console:
help traveling

...find the ARMO items ID and add the outfit to inventory with console command:
player.additem <ID> 1

Or use AddItem/QUI mods.


Faster HDT-SMP is required for physics to work (as far as I can see "classic" HDT-SMP plugin doesn't get updates anymore).