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Kreiste X wSkeever

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Armors, weapons, and quest for male and female players.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Korean
  • German
  • French

  • 11 pieces of armor for males and females
    • Closed-faced Helmet
      • HDT physics for plume
        • You can disable physics by building the non-hdt version in bodyslide
      • Available for all races
    • Open-faced Helmet
      • HDT physics for plume.
        • You can disable physics by building the non-hdt version in bodyslide
      • Available for for elves, humans, and female orcs
      • If you want build bodyslide with visor up, make sure you tick the visor up box in bodyslide
    • Circlet (compatible with all races)
    • Cuirass
      • 3 male variants available in bodyslide
    • Greaves
    • Gauntlets
    • Shield
    • Pauldrons
    • Tasset
    • Cuisse
    • Couter
  • 2 weapons
    • 1-handed sword
    • 2-handed polearm
  • This mod will work for any body as long as the armor is worn as a set.
  • Bodyslide files for:
  • A short introductory quest
    • Note from courier at level 20
    • No worldspace or cell edits
    • No vanilla record edits
  • All items craftable and temperable after quest
  • ESL
A Note About A Skyrim Engine BugRecommended Mods

Viridian Knight - Recolored

Viridian Knight Armor - Color Variations

  • HDT-SMP - some version of HDT-SMP for the physics on the helmet
Quest Walkthrough
  • You must be at least level 20.
  • Trigger courier by going to a city. If you're in a city already, go to a different city. Courier will give you a letter.
  • Read the letter.
  • Go to bandit camp indicated by the letter.
  • Kill Isabile Frascel
  • Go back to a city to trigger Courier. Courier will give you a second letter.
  • Read the letter.
  • Read the armory plans to unlock crafting. Crafting requires plans to be in inventory.
Q: How to get the armor?A: Either by finishing the introductory quest, using something like AddItemMenu, or using console commands.

Q: Courier won't show up
A: You need to be level 20. Travel to a different city than where you are now. If quest still doesn't start, you might have reloaded a save causing a Skyrim bug; restarting the game will resolve that.

Q: The quest won't end.
A: Be patient. It is not over yet.
Another courier is coming.

Q: Helmet plume is broken
A: You need to install HDT-SMP properly. Don't ask us about how to use HDT-SMP. If you don't want to use HDT-SMP, build the non-HDT version of the helmets in Bodyslide

Q: Helmet visor is down
A: You need to select the visor up option in Bodyslide.

Q: How to use Bodyslide, BHUNP, UUNP, CBBE, CBBE 3BA and HIMBO?
A: This mod supports BHUNP, UUNP, CBBE, CBBE 3BA, and HIMBO bodyslide. Don't ask us about how to use Bodyslide, BHUNP, CBBE, CBBE 3BA, or HIMBO.

Q: Where is CBBE 3BA/3BBB?
A: CBBE 3BA/3BBB is the same as CBBE for this armor: metal doesn't bounce, 1 breast bone or 3 breast bones, it makes no difference

Q: Is this mod compatible with xyz?
A: Probably: this mod edits literally 0 vanilla records. Don't ask us about it; we are not going to check for you.
Kreiste ⨉ wSkeever Armor Series

Kreiste ⨉ Mura Armor Series