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SSE port of DeviantKaled's Nord ships replacer. Comes with additional fixes.

Updated by DeviantKaled (aka ThatShipGuy) to version 2.0, including much-updated meshes, vertex painting, alpha blending, navmesh edits, in-game tweaks, and compatibility checks with vanilla.

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It's a port of DK's Realistic and Lore-Friendly Nord Ships. I had received the authorization from the DeviantKaled in April of 2019 but only found the time to properly port it recently. His mod is by far the best overhaul ever for the ships and boats found across Skyrim and deserves to be available for SSE. It replaces the meshes and textures of the ships to something more aesthetically pleasing and fitting of the Nordic culture. All the ships and boats in the game are replaced.

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From ThatShipGuy/DeviantKaled
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With huge thanks to JPSteel2, the SSE port of my original LE release [] is here! This mod implements my Nord ship meshes into the game as many of you have asked.
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Because this mod replaces the vanilla ship models, it will not work well out-of-the-box with any other mod that adds extra Nord ships & boats to the game, or edits the placement of any vanilla ships & boats.  This could be as small as ships with clipping, navmesh or placement issues, or as large as a CTD.  Any such mod will need patching in order to accommodate the different size and shape of these meshes.

I am aware that this includes some very popular mods such as several JK’s overhauls, Solitude Docks, Enhanced Solitude Docks, Better Docks, Riften Docks Overhaul, etc.  Patches for these mods are not a priority until certain WIP elements, such as shipwrecks & interiors, are complete – thanks for your understanding.
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This update is a pretty major overhaul of the original, with much-updated meshes, vertex painting, alpha blending, navmesh edits, in-game tweaks, and compatibility checks with vanilla quests and processes.
Thanks to those sharp-eyed users who submitted bugs, as well as the valiant crowd who put up with countless revisions and installs and the odd CTD to bug test for me. This wouldn’t be as thoroughly vetted without you – thanks for your patience!
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Ever thought that the vanilla, banana-boat-meets-Noah's-arc ship models were unrealistic or unbefitting of the ancient seafaring Nord culture? This model set aims to replace the vanilla boat meshes with my own set of original, lore-friendly ship and boat models to Skyrim.
These ships are directly inspired by the Viking cultures the Nords reference, and are a living link to the long-lost seafaring traditions of Atmora.  Not included yet is the Katariah (which I hope to do someday alongside some mesh work for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil).

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This is step one of an in-progress mod - which means that several features are not complete. Here’s a rough roadmap:

- STEP ONE: Replace all ship meshes in the game and integrate into world. This is COMPLETE as far as I can tell. N.B. Shipwreck meshes are not included YET.  (Of the 93 rowboats in the game + DLC there may be one or two in Wilderness cells that have slipped through the net. Please let me know if you find any and I can update these!)

- STEP TWO: Navmesh all replaced ships so that NPCs can crew their shiny new vessels, adjust any NPC markers, etc.  COMPLETE as far as I can tell. Should be compatible with Solstheim fast-travel afaik. UPDATE 2.0 has majorly updated navmesh and addressed ctd issues some users were experiencing.

- STEP THREE: Bug fixing time! Let me know of any compatibility issues or things like half-sunk rowboats, CTDs weird AI behaviour etc. COMPLETE for the time being, hopefully, but this is obviously going to be an iterative step due to the below… Keep an eye on the Nexus bugs tab.

- STEP FOUR: Address items & features that have not been replaced, namely interiors, animated rowboats (these are static atm) & shipwreck meshes. Maybe even a Katariah replacer :O

- STEP FIVE: Work on patching other mods to better support compatibility. Status: WIP. This will happen in time and only when step four is complete, so please be patient!

Best Wishes and happy modding,

ThatShipGuy aka. DeviantKaled


From JPSteel2 (version 1.0)


>Fixed the exterior navmesh to fit the new boats
>Optimized meshes and textures, packed in a BSA
>Support for Dawnguard ferries
>Ship interior retextures included
>Support for USSEP changes
>Cleaned with xEdit
>Plugin flagged as ESL

For a better illustration of the changes made by this mod, I encourage you to visit the gallery on the original mod page.