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Yuril - PRieST47

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Port of "Illustrated Town Panels" original made by Yuril

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This is a Port of "Illustrated Town Panels" by Yuril.

Next to patches for Better Dynamic Snow, Enhanced Landsapes, Winterhold Gate, City Entrance Overhaul - Windhelm and The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns SSE Edition I deleted some wild edits, fixed some minor bugs and made it compatible with JK's Skyrim out of the box.

If you still don't like the sign positions while using JK's Skyrim (because of objects or walls in front/under the sign) you can choose an
'alternate sign position' variant for Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal and Solitude during the installation.
Everything is integrated in one FOMOD installer, which will install patches automatically, if required.
You can choose between an english, german, russian and - thanks to orochimay - french version of the mod.
As I did the russian translation by myself (I looked through the russian version of the USSEP to find the right names)
I am absolutely not sure if I translated everything correct. If you see any errors in the translated textures,
I appreciate your feedback.

All plugins are ESL-Flagged so they won't count towards your 255 ESP plugin limit.

As the original mod isn't anymore present on nexusmods I hope, that this port/translation won't be deleted.
All credits go to Yuril as I only ported, edited and translated the files which were already created.


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