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Adds 13 new hand-drawn treasure maps and treasures hidden across Skyrim SE.

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This is a port I did with permission from soreass as I missed this mod from when I played LE Skyrim. Detailed below is a word from word description page of the original mod.

"Adds 13 more hand-drawn treasure maps with vanilla treasure chests (and some larger treasures) scattered around Skyrim. Uses the same game mechanic as the first ten treasure maps (read map, treasure spawns). Most are similar treasure chests to the vanilla game, though some are larger and in atypical locations or require a dig with a pickaxe, so be observant!

Lore-friendly, immersive treasure hunting! Treasures (even larger ones) are intended to maintain game balance and still be worthwhile.

If you need help finding the maps, there is a list of places added to a look thats palced behind the bar at the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. For those who are having too much trouble, or simply don't understand the purpose of this mod, here is a comprehensive list of the location of each map and treasure:


Requires a new game do to how the maps update the treasure chests when you discover a map and track down the loot.

Go explore Skyrim! The fun is in the hunt, the treasure is nothing.

Comment if you have issues so I can fix any bugs, thanks!

[[ Thanks to sevencardz for posting some script on the forum that helped me. Thanks to kdburk for helping troubleshoot errors. ]]"
Also thank you sirjesto for helping fix some issues!

Additional thanks to icecreamassassin for letting me use the script associated with the hidden chests in Skyrims Unique Treasures!