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A highly configurable HUD. Every widget can be positioned and configured. Configure your design in the in-game layout manager in MCM. Layouts can be shared and imported too.

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FallUI - HUD

A highly configurable HUD. Every widget can be positioned and configured. Configure your design in the in-game layout manager in MCM. Layouts can be shared and imported too.

  • Easy-Mode: Just use any existing or downloaded layout with one click! You don't even see the Layout Editor part if you don't want to :-) If you want more, you can click "To Edit Mode" and you can configure everything!
  • Mid-game install: Can easily installed on any running game without problems. No changes are made to your savegame anyway, its all just visual presentation. (Note: This doesn't count for any Item Sorter. If in doubt, install only the HUD part and no Item Sorter)
  • All HUD widgets can be completely configured. You can customize position and size in the layout manager directly in the game.
  • Many special widget modifications available, like bar style, text font, shadows, brackets and even additional elements like bar value as percent text!
  • Many many more...

  • Install with your favorite mod manager (load order: after all HUD mods)
  • Make sure you have enabled archive invalidation.
  • Optional (if you like to use the in-game HUD layout manager): Install MCM. (If not, see MCM-less setup howto below)
  • Optional (if you want item icons): Install any item sorter with an IconLibrary (like FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter, dev_inv, VIS or VIS-G).
  • Optional (if you want to use an existing DEF_HUD layout): To import a DEF_HUD layout, just go into the MCM HUD Layout Manager and select "DEF_HUD.xml". (You can even open the editor and import it for further editing!)

Tip: Test if your MCM can save ini settings before making big changes. (e.g. move compass around - Then reload (real load, no quickload!) and see if its changed). If your MCM can't save, you find many possible solutions in the section "Solutions for: MCM can't save settings" on this site.

More layouts
There exists many ready-to-use layouts on Nexus. Simply install and activate them in MCM.
You can find them easily by opening the "Requirements" panel in the top of this site and check out the the "Mods requiring this file" section.

The FallUI series
  • FallUI - Confirm Boxes - Beautiful message boxes. Unique designs and styles for every box type. Including skip option!
  • FallUI - HUD - Highly configurable HUD for Fallout 4 with in-game HUD Layout Manager.
  • FallUI - Inventory - Just better interface for all inventories
  • FallUI - Map - Better map for Fallout 4. Including list of locations, colored marker, high-res-support and more!
  • FallUI - Sleep and Wait - Enhances the sleep/wait menu by many quality-of-life features like target hour buttons and daytime graph.
  • FallUI - Workbench - Just better crafting, with more display size, more data, and a tag icon picker!

Want them all? Then take a look at The FallUI series installation guide.

Solutions for: MCM can't save settings


Howto share your HUD layout (as ready-to-install package)

Howto use FallUI HUD without MCM

Savegame safety
Absolutely safe. No changes are made to your savegame.

Most mods are 100% compatible.

This following list just covers known mods modifying HUD or mods with known issues.

Thanks to
(Author of DEF_HUD and DEF_INV)
MasterLix and his whole discord server for the big support and beta testing
The Nexus community!