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Fallout 3 HUD - A FallUI HUD layout

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Fallout 3 HUD - A FallUI HUD layout

Fallout 3 HUD - A FallUI HUD layout


Recreates the look of Fallout 3 in Fallout 4.

The layout uses the typical two side bordered boxes and the special cone at one side on bars. Also the widgets are placed where they are in Fallout 3 (at least if it has an aquivalent widget there). The enemy health bar and critical bar uses a "centered" design and also will depletes to the center, just like in Fallout 3. The ammunition is reordered beneath the AP bar and the compass beneath the HP bar. There is no condition in FO4, so i have put the grenade counter at that place. Active effects will be displayed around the ammunition. HP, AP, ammo and grenades are permanently visible. The compass and XP bar isn't yet exactly like in Fallout 3, maybe it will in a future version :)

And of course you can change any of that editions in the game-integrated FallUI HUD Layout Editor. (Just go to "Edit Mode" and import the "Fallout 3" layout)

I have made this layout mostly from memories and images, so it may not exactly match the FO3 layout. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in the posts tab!


Requires only FallUI - HUD (min version 1.4).

  • Install FallUI - HUD (min version 1.4)
  • Install this layout using any Mod Organizer
  • Click on layout "Fallout 3" in "MCM > FallUI - HUD > Layout" or import it - Reload and your new layout is ready!

Fallout 3 / NV colors

For a just more nostalgic feeling use one of the original Fallout 3 HUD colors as your HUD color:

Blue: RGB - 46, 207, 255
Amber: RGB - 255, 182, 66
Green: RGB - 25, 255, 128
White: RGB - 192, 255, 255

Note: The first value is red, the second is green, and the third is blue.
If your settings bar have no value, you can specifiy the exact values in the INI (see below) - or just approximate it (The bar goes from 0 to 255. So 128 is exactly the middle, 64 is 1/4 and so on).

INI Values

Fallout 3 Font

For just more Fallout 3 feeling, use this Fallout 3 font replacer mod:
Modofonto - Classic Fallout 3 and New Vegas Fonts (Monofonto and Fixedsys Font Replacer)

This will replace the standard font (So font number 0: "Roboto Condenced") with the Fallout 3 font.

Bethesda (Fallout 3, Fallout 4)
lizin5ths (Modofonto)
The Nexusmods community!