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Overhaul of the sleeping and waiting menu for Fallout 4.
Directly click on your desired wake-up time with target time buttons. See the daylight level at target time in the daytime graph and more. Interface available in all languages.

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  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
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FallUI - Sleep and Wait

Overhaul of the sleeping and waiting menu for Fallout 4. Allows direct comfortable selection of sleeping time via target hours or using the daytime graph. Shows the game day-times, current time and target time in a fancy visualization. Also shows a sleep Vault Boy (A Vault Boy!)
Allows endless sleeping (in normal games: This mod won't bypass the max 24h sleep restriction in hardcore survival mode.)

  • Optimized for PC gaming with keyboard and mouse
  • Interface is multi-language
  • Fancy design
  • Daytime graph - Showing current time marker, target time arrow and daytime lightness as a graph (also a fancy sun and moon)
    • You can drag and drop the target time in the graph
  • Game time calendar (yes, that are the real days in 267 years!) - Inclusive today and target marker. Clickable. Months scroll-able.
  • Configurable target time buttons - You wanna wake up at 6 or 12? Just click on it - no calculations anymore
  • Configurable long time wait buttons - Wait 30 days? It's one click!
  • Times can be formatted in 24h or 12h (am/pm)
  • Dates can be formatted as DD.MM.YYYY or MM.DD.YYYY
  • Start day of the week is configurable
  • Mid-game install: Can be installed/removed without any problems at any time. Nothing is changed in your savegame.
  • Animated Vault Boy for sleep menu (Now also optional for waiting mode)
  • Allows input about the limit of 24 hours (default: 999 hours, but you can increase it if you like....)
  • Day-times are configurable
  • Fast wait/sleep option - Let time pass  much faster (Don't count every hour)
  • Menu can be closed with ESC
  • All settings can configured with MCM
    • Alternate configuration without MCM through INI file

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Savegame safety
  • Absolutely safe - Contains no game scripts. No changes will be made to savegames.