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Added: 09/10/2017 - 12:01AM
Updated: 11/10/2017 - 01:07PM

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Last updated at 13:07, 11 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 0:01, 9 Oct 2017

I found it a bit annoying determine whether to pick up an object or not while looting because I don't konw the target object's detailed info like weight ,value or value per weight.This mod adds some UI widgets to HUD to display detailed information of object crosshair points to or selected in quick loot menu, it also provides some extra features to make player play holotape and read book directly from quick loot menu without need to open inventory while looting.For more details you can view the pictures.

Show detailed information of object which can be picked up,not only for object crosshair points to,but also for object selected in quick loot menu.
For all kinds of objects,show its value, weight, value per weight, player's current carryweight state;
For weapon, show its enchantments, damage, ammo, fire rate, speed, range, accuracy;
For armor piece, show its enchantments, damage resistance,current charge state;
For food and medicines, show its description, all kinds of effects' magnitude and duration;
For fusion core, show its current charge state;
For junks, show its scrap components and amount,show icon for scrap components tagged for search.This feature doesn't require other sorting mods, doesn't need to edit item's form record,so it should be compatiable with other mods which add or edit junks.
This mod adds some icons to show whether the targeted object is a quest item, whether the target book is a skill book, and whether the targeted book has been read by player.
This mod also provide a feature to make you press a hotkey to read book and play holotape directly from quick loot menu without need to open inventory while looting,for other items,pressing hotkey just picks it up.

This mod only contains a F4SE plugin and an independent swf file to take effect,it doesn't alter any vanila files, no scripts, no esp, so it should be compatiable with any mods.

Fallout4  V1.10.26(latest version).
Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE)  V0.6.0 or above.
Mod Configuration Menu V0.1 or above(optional)

Don't modify game setting to hide crosshair otherwise item card will be unvisible, this mod provides a conflict-free way to hide crosshair in MCM.
If you use DEF_UI or other HUD mods to modify quick container widget,don't hide quick container's upper and lower brackets otherwise item card for quick container will be unvisible.

Better Console: Make console menu show more useful info of selected object.
Unlimited Survival Mode - F4SE: Enable console and remove all kinds of restrictions in survival mode.
Unlimited Fast Travel - F4SE: Enable fast travel from interior, remove all kinds of restrictions on fast travel.
Clock Widget: Show real time while loading.

F4SE team for F4SE.
expired6978 for the source codes of Nameplates.
MCM team for Mod Configuration Menu.

Soruce code for someone interested in(Github).