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This is FallUI - Inventory. A optimized Fallout 4 inventory interface for PC.

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FallUI - Inventory

A optimized Fallout 4 inventory interface for PC.

Complete overhaul of the inventories of Pipboy, container, trader, workshops and companions. Enhances most info tables in Pipboy with more details and much better look. Also adds a huge load of quality-of-live features, information and more tools like bulk transfer to container (or back). The goal of this mod is to make Fallout 4 interface feels like it was made for PC.

Motivation and history



  • Fully supports any widescreen resolution
  • Can installed in mid game. If you already use DEF_INV or DEV_UI, you can just install FallUI on top and it will work out-of-the-box. If you haven't any item sorter mod yet it require a little work (or none, if you can live with some items having no icon) - read section "Typical Item Sorter Mod problem".

  • Use a Mod Manager to install FallUI - Inventory. Select your installation options directly in the FOMOD installer.
    • Note: If you like to have your items sorted and have icons, you will need an item sorter.
    • FallUI - Inventory is compatible with all common item sorters - So you can use any item sorter you like, or none at all. The FallUI series also offers an item sorter: FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter (requires FallUI - Icon Library)
  • Make sure you have enabled archive invalidation.
  • (Optional) Install FallUI - HUD OR DEF_HUD to get icon tags on the HUD and in the world.
  • If you choose FallUI - HUD simply install it. If you choose DEF_HUD follow this instructions:
  • (Optional, but highly recommended) Increase your Pipboy resolution (Resolution comparison)
  • Spoiler:  
  • Done.

Any problems? See FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting.

Load order

Item Sorter Support
FallUI - Inventory has full support for all common item sorting mods. So you are free to choose which one you want - Just take the one you like the most!
Supported: FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter (FIS2), Old FallUI Item Sorter (FIS1), VIS, VIS-G, Horizon, Nomenklatura, ... (any def_ui-compatible should work too)

The FallUI series
  • FallUI - Confirm Boxes - Beautiful message boxes. Unique designs and styles for every box type. Including skip option!
  • FallUI - HUD - Highly configurable HUD for Fallout 4 with in-game HUD Layout Manager.
  • FallUI - Inventory - Just better interface for all inventories
  • FallUI - Map - Better map for Fallout 4. Including list of locations, colored marker, high-res-support and more!
  • FallUI - Sleep and Wait - Enhances the sleep/wait menu by many quality-of-life features like target hour buttons and daytime graph.
  • FallUI - Workbench - Just better crafting, with more display size, more data, and a tag icon picker!

Want them all? Then take a look at The FallUI series installation guide.

Recommended mods

Tools for experts
  • Fallout4Translator - Translate esp files nearly automatically.
  • FO4Edit - Edit esp files and create your own patches.
  • Complex Sorter - Automatic sorting. Contains more tags, options, tag accuracy and provide a greater item coverage (including custom mod support!). All FallUI Item Sorter packages are generated with this tool.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
See FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

Typical Item Sorter Mod problem: Item not renamed / keep old tags

Savegame safety


Thanks to
Neanka (Author of DEF_HUD and DEF_INV)
Valdacil (Packaging of modules as DEF_UI and item sorting mod)
Old Nick, ParasiteX and sekoms (Contributions to DEF_INV)
lyravega (Pipboy item subcategories)
Phlunder and omega9380 (Improved colorful icons)
ruddy88 (Ruddy88's Simple Sorter script)