Fallout 4
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All Settlements Extended, but pick and choose the settlements you want. Includes DLC. ESL options available for all settlements. SS compatible.

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All Settlements Extended | Player's Choice

What does this do??

This mod is the same as All Settlements Extended version 2.0.1 except you can individually choose which settlements you want to have extended in case you didn't want all of them. Choose either ESP or ESL files using the Fomod Installer. Because there are 34 different settlements, I recommend using the ESL versions. Manual install also available. Using the Fomod installer you will be able to see the individual settlement's new build area in their photo.

All scrappable items outside of original build area are now scrappable. Increases build area. Increases NPC sandbox. No objects or terrain touched. Also shows new borders.

Every settlement, save Home Plate, has a larger build area. Typically out to a source of water. But not all of them can have this :/ 

Includes Far Habor and Nuka World settlements!

See video showing all of settlements:

ESL Files and Installation?
Most ESL options are still on ASE 1.6.1. Some have been updated to 2.0.1. These are marked in the FOMOD installer.
See ESL sticky in the Post section for more info!

Why make another mod page?

This mod is in no way compatible with ASE. I don't want people updating ASE with this one thinking everything will be fine because lots of people don't read the description page. Congrats on those who are reading this lol. Also, this mod includes the Far Harbor and Nuka World Settlement choices as well as ESL file versions for those who know how to use them ;)

What about Sim Settlements?

This version works fine with or without SS installed, no requirements. Settlers will be able to use the new build areas. Unsure about the SS expansion Rise of the Commonwealth.

What about More Attackers - GOMBz?

Thanks to Wim95 for the instructions here:
Install More AGOMBz. Compatibility patch with All Settlements Extended will not be selected automatically.
Select manually ESL version and ignore warnings. ESL version of compatibility patch with "cleaned masters". 
Check load order: 
--individually selected settlements esps--

Will NOT work with the normal ASE, except for the DLC selection. Normal ASE is just vanilla settlements.
Modifies the settlement cells as well as the border, the buildable area trigger, and the workbench. Doesn't move or remove anything. Shouldn't see cell reset. Should work fine with those restoration mods. Sim Settlements works with it too.

Neeher's Facebook!
But why should I go there? Is there some kind of gigantic mod you're working on? Oh there is? Let me check it out then! lol


01-12-18 | Initial upload -1.0
01-13-18 | Fixes an issue where user is kicked out of build menu while within new build area across many settlements -1.0.1
07-24-18 | All ESP versions have been updated to ASE 2.0.1 spec -2.0
-----------------------------------All new Custom borders for every single settlement
-----------------------------------Finch Farm increased build area to the water
-----------------------------------Sunshine Tidings increased build area
-----------------------------------Jamaica Plain increased build area
-----------------------------------Warwick Homestead increased build area
-----------------------------------Hangman's Alley increased build area in every direction
-----------------------------------Nuka World Red Rocket increased build area
-----------------------------------Some ESL versions have been updated, currently can't do all due to form limit, but we will see
08-08-19 | Fixes build area to match border across the several settlements listed below -2.1
-----------------------------------Upon updating, some locations may 'reset' what was previously scrapped
-----------------------------------County Crossing, also fixes a patch of objects that weren't scrappable
-----------------------------------Croup Manor, donut hole style dead zone fixed
-----------------------------------Egret Tours, matches border
-----------------------------------Echo Lake Lumber, matches border
-----------------------------------Nation Park Visitor's Center, repairs a long lined dead zone for building
-----------------------------------Red Rocket, adds objects to the East that weren't scrappable
-----------------------------------Sommerville Place, matches border
-----------------------------------Below is list of locations who's ESL counterparts have been updated that weren't mentioned above
-----------------------------------Starlight Drive In
-----------------------------------The Slog
----------------------------------------------------------------------Abernathy Farm