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Fills the Brahmin Feed Trough and Trade Caravan Posts with food for the brahmin plus other aesthetic trimmings and adds a Brahmin Water Trough.

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**UPDATE 1.1.0:  There is now a version of the Feed Trough available with lower poly razorgrain bales for those concerned with settlement budget.  Due to positive feedback, I have also made my tato basket and razorgrain bale (high and low-poly) meshes individually craftable objects (same tab as the troughs)  See change-log for full list. 

Ever wonder why your brahmin always look so sickly and discolored?  Maybe it's two centuries of radiation-induced mutation, sure.  That seems logical.  Or MAYBE it's because you seem content to let them slurp empty air for hours on end!  Feed them you cheap bum!  Throw in some water too, while you're at it!

New from Schlock Industries, a brahmin feed trough that actually holds food, guaranteed capable of consumption!*  As an added bonus we've thrown in a heavily modified model, capable of holding water instead!  Guaranteed to get that brahmin's tongue(s) lappin'!

*(Disclaimer: Schlock Industries does not guarantee any increased health of brahmin fed from these troughs.)

What It Does:
This mod replaces the vanilla brahmin feed trough mesh with one filled with food as well as a bunch of other trimmings I modeled (bales of razorgrain, a basket of tatos, etc).  It also adds a new trough, the Brahmin Water Trough, which fills with water from a water pump (a request to make this water trough on my Waterpump with Bucket aka. Water-Collector 9000(tm) page is what brought the idea for this mod in the first place).  The Water Trough does add 3 water like a normal water pump.  I've also added part of the new feed trough mesh to the Trade Caravan Post object.

The recipes for all 3 reflect what was added to them.

**NOTE:  The water trough's NPC interaction markers were copied straight from the feed trough.  No need for any extra steps, it works straight out of the box!

Because the original feed trough just called the vanilla bathtub mesh, an .esp was necessary to keep from changing all instances of bathtubs in the world (plus I added a new object and adjusted recipes).  This should be compatible with everything that doesn't change the recipes of the feed trough or Caravan Post.

***I always appreciate seeing your screenshots!***

I'd like to give a BIG thank you shout out to steve40 for helping my stupid ass figure out why my water planes were not triggering on object placement, and other assorted help with scripting.  Go check his mods out!

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