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Adds 22 water storage items such as tanks, water towers and animated rainwater collectors to build menu. Why passive? Because they generate water points and other bonuses only if your settlement has working "active" water resources (pumps, purifiers, etc.).

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This mod adds 22 water storage items to water category in workshop menu: 11 tanks, 7 water towers, and 4 animated rainwater collectors. Why call passive resources? Because they generate water points and other bonuses only if your settlement has working "active" resources (pumps, purifiers, etc). According to vanilla game mechanics, the more water points a settlement has, the higher chance to get daily consumable water Player has. This mod increases that chance.
- Water tanks: basic containers generating water points per day. Some of them provide consumable water too.
- Water towers: advanced containers generating water points per day, and improving crop irrigation or settlement comfort.
- Industrial water towers: advanced containers generating water points per day. The more power is provided to their pumps, the more water points per day are generated.
- Rainwater collectors: containers supplying consumable water and generating water points only when it rains.
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How water coolers, tanks and towers work:
1. PWRs generate settlement water points only if three conditions are met:
   1a. Settlement active water resources (pumps and purifiers) work properly.
   1b. The amount of water points generated by (1a) are equal or greater than settlement population (water surplus).
   1c. The amount of water surplus is equal or greater than the amount of settlement water passive resources.
2. Every PWR generates 1 water point per day, 2 points if water surplus is twice or greater than the amount of PWRs.
3. If water surplus goes to 0, PWRs gradually lose 1 water point a day. This feature is useful to prevent a settlement instantaneously loses all water points after the destruction of active water resources (e.g. during an assault).

How rainwater collectors work:
1. Rainwater collectors work only when it rains.
2. Rainwater progressively increases container water level and generates settlement water points.
3. When it doesn't rain anymore, water level slowly decreases because of evaporation.
4. Player can get immediately dirty water from collectors, by pouring in a bottle or drinking, or waits the end of the day, when they are drained and not yet evaporated rainwater is stored in the workshop.

2017/02/24, v1.3 patch for HM released
2017/02/19, v1.3 released
2017/02/06, v1.2 patch for SKE released
2017/02/06, v1.2 released
2017/02/01, v1.1 patch for SKE released
2017/02/01, v1.1 released
2016/11/13, v1.0 patch for SKE released
2016/11/13, v1.0 released

Spanish by TRSsjk
Russian by omsfatum (external link)