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Expands WW with some of the existing, but missing items. Nothing extreme. Original game design friendly.

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Wasteland Workshop Evolved is a set of mods, aimed to expand and improve Wasteland Workshop, but on non-extreme level to keep your construction menu from cluttering with garbage most people will never need.
It was decided to divide different features into separate mods to not overload page with too much info and you with too much download options.
Again. My goal is simplicity and usability as much as possible. Feel free to check my other mods from this set using these links below:
Snap Snap - adds more snaps for all solid foundation blocks and more.
Cleaner Concrete - a cleaner look for all concrete block.
Glazing - allows you to glaze window frames in your concrete wall blocks.
Canopies - adds two types of canopies, both with physics(wind sway animation) and snapping.
Decent Elevators - adds a better floor for the workshop elevators.

Relight - revamp for the workshop lights.

This is the main part and its goal is to add some of the existing in-game items to the WW.
To build some of the added stuff you gonna need to meet the requirements, like finding journals or having perks or finishing certain quests. The same way it is done in the original game and DLCs.
Everything works. You can put the stuff in containers, craft stuff on stations, sit on chairs and benches, sleep in beds and etc. Decorations are just decorations obviously. Chain link fence is fully snapable, naturally. Both clean and rusty are available now.

Don't forget to remove all your stuff from containers added by this mod before uninstallation! I'm not responsible for any loss of your items.
It is strongly advised to do the same before update, or at least ensure everything is safe after. Form IDs should not change, but better be safe than sorry.

If you were previously using Small Power Armor Station mod you can safely remove it as this mod includes both stations.
All stations built by you when you were using that mod gonna be preserved as we both use the same original FormIDs.

Chain link fence info.
All parts will snap only in a straight line to make building process of a long and straight fence as fast as possible. However, if you want to make a turn at any angle you wish, you can use a special construction post. You need to snap this post to the section where you want to make your turn and then snap the next fence section to rotate it at any angle you want. When you are done, you can remove this construction post or just leave it be and move forward as you won't even notice it's there. It may require a few tries to understand how it works, but you will figure it. You can also use a normal post to make a 90 degree turns and you also have a 90 degree angled sections. This is the most versatile and flexible system I could came up with. Built a full perimeter using it and it worked out very well.

Added stuff

- Standing floor safe
- Wall safe
- Duffle bag
- Military trunk
- Ammo box
- Tool case
- Shelf medkit
- Wall medkit
- Three types of old pre-war mailboxes (one new and two rusty)
- Vault 111 steamer trunk
- Large toolbox
- Metal lunchbox
- Clean steel trashcan

- Double bed (clean pre-war)
- Changing table (clean pre-war)
- Bunk bed with sheet and blanket
- Bunk bed with bare mattress
- Few types of beds for children
- Small dresser (clean pre-war)
- Executive leather chair (available only after 1st main quest in the institute)
- Four different cafe tables (available only after 1st main quest in the institute)
- New pre-war patio table and chair (same requirements as damaged)
- Two types of metal bench (clean and dirty)
- Stone bench
- Irma lounge from the Memory Den (with almost proper animation)
- Vault-Tec single bed (stackable with added collisions)
- Vault-Tec double bed (same as single, but two people can sleep there at once at each side)

- Gun Nut Display Board (Gun Nut 4 perk is required)
- Indoor USA flag pole (clean pre-war)
- New pre-war flamingo (same requirements as original)
- New pre-war grill
- Five new pre-war rugs
- Three different pre-war suitcase (black, green, blue)
- Garage diagnostic cart
- Floor jack
- Handcart
- Construction barrirer
- Fireplace
- New and old desk terminals (to play holotapes only) <--- both replaced by fully functional terminals
- Pickman's paintings (available only after "Pickman's Gift" quest)
- Vault-Tec water cooler (new)


- Two functional desk terminals (new and old) to manage connected turrents, spotlights and etc

- Clean pre-war picket fence (same requirements as original)
- Clean and rusty chain link fence (fully snapable with functional gates)
- Military barricade wall


- Small power armor station (same requirements as original)
- Small cooking station (same requirements as original)

Cars(optional Garage module):

- Rocket 69
- Sedan
- Coupe
- Pickup
- Mini
- Motorcycle
- 4 types of wagon
- Vault-Tec van

Vault-Tec DLC (since v0.4)

I also strongly recommend you to use Place Everywhere by TheLich for a hassle-free construction. All items I'm adding are made with ability to "construct them without any mods" in mind. But it's not always possible to place what you want where and how you want. Using mentioned mod will both help you to build like never before and save tons of time for construction.

Work in progress. More to come. Suggestions welcomed.