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Unlocks some of the base vanilla Quest build items - Artillery, Institute Beam Emitter items, and the Traders Caravan. Mama's Chair (v2.0)

All items available to build in the SPECIAL build menu so it doesn't conflict with other building mods - especially menu changing mods.

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Simply unlocks the build items so you can build in your settlements - without having to be so far advanced in the Quests of the Game.

Great for building just to have set pieces placed - especially if you are just building settlement - or want some functionality like the caravans.

I did this so I can build for my City Plans, Transfer Blueprints, Clipboard, etc. files.

NOTE:  I am not sure if building the Institute Beam Emitter prior to receiving the Quest will affect anything - it may be okay and when you do get the Quest,  it will simply see you have built and advance the Quest.

The game does not provide a scrap profile for the Institute items so once built, you cannot scrap, but you can store.

For my settlements, I wanted the powered and lit radar dish for my communications/trade hubs for muh immersion.

Hope you enjoy!

V2.0 - Adds Mama Murphy's Chair

V3.0 - Vault-Tec Workshop Req'd - Adds the Power Cycle, the Phoropter, the Soda Fountain, and the Slot Machine.  PLUS both versions of the Overseer Desk - the empty version and the version with the terminal.  (Note: Terminal works - but won't display information till you actually do the Vault Overseer Quests - locked behind scripts)  I also renamed this ESL tagged ESP - so you can leave the previous V2.0 loaded and install this file right below it in the load order so you don't get the missing mod warning - if it freaks you out - which is not a problem.

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