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This mod adds burning campfires and fireplaces that can be crafted in the settlement workshops. There are six different campfires and six varieties of fireplaces. As of v2.0 all fires have native flickering shadows and lighting, using the method developed by steve40. The campfires will also do real burn damage if you walk into them!

Permissions and credits

[BBCF v2.0 + Darker Nights option 2]

This mod adds burning campfires and fireplaces that can be crafted in the settlement workshops. There are six different campfires: two with rocks, two with cinder blocks, and two without anything but the wood and fire, either with or without skirting. There are six varieties of fireplaces: a brick or cement hearth (with or without fireguard), and a pre- and post-war stove-like fireplace. There is also a craftable campfire base that can be used for placing campfires upon. All fires have native flickering shadows and lighting, using the method developed by steve40. The campfires will also do real burn damage if you walk into them!

A "no-shadows" version is also available in the downloads section, as well as a "no NPC burn damage" version. Note that all versions can cause player burn damage.

Please note that v2.3 or later is fully compatible with SK and SKE without needing any patches. If you are using SKE, the fires will be found under "Decorations -> DLC-Decorations-> BBCF Campfires and Fireplaces" in the workshop menu.



- The file "BuildableBurningCampfires - Textures.BA2" is no longer required. Please delete it from your data folder if it is present.
- Bugfix: deleted two vanilla material files from the main archive that are not required. Fixes the dark red brick texture issue.
- Changed the values of two addon nodes to fix a minor lighting conflict with Snappy HouseKit.


- Processed the mod through the 1.5 Beta Creation Kit.
- Checked all the scripts using the CK compiler and updated them as necessary.
- Optimized the campfire and fireplace scripts.
- Smarter scripts: a console command or quest book is no longer necessary before uninstalling the mod.
- Regenerated the object bounds and updated the texture lists in CK.
- Corrected some misaligned collision meshes in the campfires.
- Added three new campfire variants with skirting.
- New collision method implemented on the tall fireplaces using the vanilla collision.
- Better collision planes added to the brick and cinder fireplaces.
- Added burn damage to the campfires.
- Packed the assets into BA2 archives.
- A "no shadows" option is available.
- A "no NPC burn damage" option is available.

[BBCF v2.0 with no other lighting mods]

Under which workshop menu category are the new campfires and fireplaces?
In v2.3 or later, they are in "Decorations->BBCF Campfires and Fireplaces". If you are using SKE, the fires will be found under "Decorations -> DLC-Decorations-> BBCF Campfires and Fireplaces".

What do you mean by "native" flickering lights?
This is light flickering implemented natively by the game engine. The effect is much nicer than baked-in mesh animations and much easier to configure. There are alternative ways to create such an effect using Havok or GameBryo animations within the mesh, but they are difficult and time-consuming to tweak (requiring editing of hundreds of keyframes). I found the vanilla flickering firelight mesh hurt my eyes after a couple of minutes and gave me a headache. The native flickering lights, however, are partially broken in the vanilla game and only work 100% using hand-placed references, while lights added to other forms do not flicker at all. steve40's fix uses a script to dynamically place the lights at their required position and the flicker effect is 100% working using this method in v3.0.

Please change the color or make the light darker or brighter etc...
No. Color will vary from computer to computer because of different monitors and video cards, while some people use injectors such as ENB and others use mods that alter the game lighting. The weather and time of day will also affect the appearance of the lights, as well as the detail level that you have set in the game options or ini file for lighting and shadows. You can always change the lights yourself in FO4EDIT.

I am a modder and want to change the brightness on the campfire.
Please check out the Article section of this mod that explains the use of AddOnNodes.

I uninstalled the mod and now the Decorations workshop category has disappeared. I'm using v2.1 or v2.2 or v2.3 without SKE patch.
Make sure the mod is fully uninstalled and delete its loose files, if any. Install v3.0 and see if you get the Decorations category back. If not, save game, deactivate v3.0 and make a new save while v3.0 is deactivated. Now load that save game and make another save. Now reactivate v3.0 and load the last save. Check that your Decorations category is back. Make one more save. Phew. If you are still have vanilla categories missing, see the next FAQ entry below.

I have missing workshop categories and the above fix didn't work. HELP!
Download the Universal Missing Menus Fixer tool that DarthWayne and I developed, and run it once. It will fix all missing vanilla categories no matter which mod broke them! The tool can be found in the Downloads section on that page.

Video review by Vatiwah

V3.0 was made using the Creation Kit, so it now uses BA2 archives instead of loose files.

PLEASE DELETE THE FOLLOWING FILES IF PRESENT (from versions earlier than v3.0):

- Delete "bbcf.esp" (if you have this obsolete version)
- Delete folder: "Data\meshes By Necrocytosis"
- Also delete the following scripts from "Data\Scripts":
- And delete the following scripts from "Data\Scripts\Source":

Then drop "BuildableBurningCampfires.esp" and "BuildableBurningCampfires - Main.ba2" into your Data folder.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version and any of your existing campfires start misbehaving, you might need to store and re-craft them for the new features to show (it all depends which earlier version you are upgrading from).

V3.0 does not need any special uninstallation procedure. Just deactivate the mod and the script will automatically remove the custom menu category the next time you load your last save. The script will then shut down and be absent in subsequent saved games.

Should be compatible with everything. This mod is automatically compatible with menu category mods like SKE, without the need for a patch.

Made using Creation Kit, FO4EDIT, BAE, Champollion and Caprica.
Necrocytosis for the original mod and steve40 for the v2.0-3.1 updates.
Vatiwah for the video review. This video is now out of date (Homemaker is not required in the current version).

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