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+170 workshop objects of post apocalyptic cars, humvees, hot rods, dirtbikes, choppers & many more to decorate your settlements AND the framework for the drivable car mods (OUT NOW). ECO FRIENDLY made from 90% recycled ingame assets.

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Common Questions answered
Q: Will you make X,Y,Z?
A: probably not but keep asking there's bound to be good ideas somewhere.
Q: Why is the mod so big 1.2GB WTH?!oiegsubaw5m ;grijet0i?
A: I am using a lot of high quality weapons from other mod authors and it takes up a lot of space :/ As time goes on I'll see about reducing the file size. Contemplating on the idea of making a Lite version that doesn't use any weapon mod assets.
Thank you for getting us to hot files everyone!

ViciousCeph - Teaching me how to do almost everything in the mod and helping me whenever I screwed things up, taking care of scripting and showing me how to setup the drivable cars.

 thrax7545 - I probably wouldn't have started modding if it wasn't for this guy, before then I was just kit bashing with settlement mode

BlahBlahDeeBlahBlah - Letting me use his Drivable Jeep mod and providing modding knowledge and tips on everything drivable that helped get this mod made. 

M - Sharing his scripts and meshes that allows others to make more cars. CommonwealthVehicles

Wanaming0 - Helping me along the way, showing me useful programs, sharing knawledge and letting me use assets from his FN FAL mod

NaiRae - Huge amounts of help at the start of me getting into modding and one of the first modders to reach out and help me   

Carnageeater - Allowing me to use his graffiti to decorate the cars and give them factions and more flair. Graffiti used from Graffiti 2 Electric Boogaloo

HalkHogan - Giving me permission to use his awesome tire assets from Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised

asXas - Tomacuzi-9 assets for decoration

BlutKult + Jsnider193 - letting me use Stevens M-520 Shotgun assets for decoration

WJS97 - Classic Super Sledge assets for decoration

Nutulator - Altyn Assault Helmet assets for decoration AND letting me use his 155mm Howitzer M1 as a usable turret

Shoeburglar - Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) assets for decoration

ajhakra - m1014 shotgun assets for decoration

WastelandMelody - permission to use his Heavy Machine Gun

MikeMoore - MikeMoore's MCAM -Melee Collectable and Adventure Mod (Weapon Pack) assets for decoration

TrulyBritsy - Letting me use his Soviet's Mask (GP5 Gas Mask) for decoration purposes

kingtobbe - Megapack of cut up fallout 4 assets for decoration

Mkdo40 - Wasteland Imports assets for decoration

 3nikhey - Winchester P94 and other weapon assets for vehicle turret and deco

Skibadaa - Giving me permission to use his assets from Skibadaa Weapon Pack REDUX for deco and vehicle turrets
Yogensya - Letting me use his assets from the Mad Can - Fury Beans

I_code_I -For letting me use the M2HB 50cal assets for decor and turrets

DOOMBASED - For letting modders use the DOOMBASED Weapons Merged assets

Cumble - making the Schofield No.2 Revolver and the Riot Shotgun and then letting modders use it

The Bone Zone for the memes

New World Interactive for making the M2HB 50cal in Insurgency Sandstorm and letting people use their assets

If I made the mistake of not crediting you please don't get mad it wasn't on purpose. send me a DM and I will sort things out ASAP