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GenghisKhanX Drunkykrow and MacaroniBones

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Grow apple and pear trees in your settlement! Includes yummy recipes!

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Version 3.2:
Fixed a FormID issue that was messing with FO4Edit/ESL flag.
Map marker now hidden until you visit Orchard.

Version 3.1:
Moved the Orchard.  Again.  It probably conflicts with something else now.  It is located west of Vault 111 near the edge of the map.  Both the .esp and .esl files are tagged in the file information as ESL, so neither should affect your mod limit.  Theoretically.

Version 3.0:
Added Pears, Pear Trees, and Pear dishes.
Apples and Pears can be found in the orchard.

The orchard has been moved to the edge of the map, northwest of the Robot Disposal area, to keep it from conflicting with other mods.  I've also added a nearby bear and a Mr. Handy who has been keeping up the orchard, as well as sleeping bags and a water pump.

Like the Apples and Apple foods, Pears and their respective dishes can be found in vendor inventories, as well as in coolers, refrigerators, and anywhere else you might find food.

Apple and Pear trees can be planted in your settlement.

Apple and pear trees produce 6 food and 10 happiness,
and require 1 settler per tree.

Each tree requires one apple or pear, 3 Fertilizer, and
some wood for the ladder.

A big thank you to Drunkykrow for the
updated textures and models in 2.0!
And a special shout-out to MacaroniBones,
my beloved daughter, for helping her
color-blind dad make textures!