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Replace the pre-historic, vanilla mortar with this 155mm howitzer M1 medium artillery piece. Also comes with artillery shells and a war memorial.

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The vanilla mortar doesn't really fit the part of artillery so I've replaced it with the WWII era 155mm howitzer M1. It's a medium artillery piece deployed during WWII and Vietnam and still used today by a number of countries. This might even fit into the lore since the timeline diverges after the Second World War.

The howitzer was first produced under the designation 155mm Howitzer M1, in the 60's it was changed to M114 155mm Howitzer. The gun in this model is on the M1A1 carriage. You can get more information from the technical manual.

Note, the following video is a bit out-of-date in the sense it was made before the animation started working. That's the only difference, everything else is the same. 

The meshes and textures of the howitzer, shells, and pallet are all made from scratch in Blender and Substance Painter 2.

1. Howitzer is in firing position with it's trail open, firing jack in place, and part of the shield lowered to allow the telescope to be used. 
  • Textures are in 2K and 4K.

  • It has a simple but awesome firing animation with the barrel recoiling by Ethreon. A big thank goes to deadbeeftffn for helping with implementing it, it would not have worked if it wasn't for them. 

  • Note, to get the animation to work with Angry Artillery you'll need to edit the script. I've written a little guide for that in the Articles section.  

2. Single 155mm shell and a pallet of six shells. 

  • The single 155mm shell's texture can be swapped out so it has a different marking or saying scribbled on it--texture swaps are under optional files. 

  • The pallets can be snapped together. 

  • The actual projectiles seen shooting out of the artillery piece and impacting during an artillery strike have been changed to the model of the 155mm shell.

  • Textures are in 2K for both shells and the pallet.

3. War memorial with the howitzer and a waving flag which you can place anywhere.

  • Based off of this real life memorial. Activating it will show the line written on the stone.

All the objects, except the flag, can be sunk into the ground. 

New in 2.0
  • Firing animation.
  • 28th July - Remade majority of the texture swaps and added a few new ones.


Nothing should conflict with this mod. My other mod, Simple Artillery Strikes, will work fine with it. Angry Artillery will also work but do not select overwrite when you're prompted during the install since... well, you'll overwrite the Angry Artillery script. 


I hope to make different paint/camouflage patterns for the howitzer and more markings for the shell. Feel free to leave suggestions.


Under no circumstances may this mod be edited and re-uploaded on Nexus or any other site. Nor will I allow any part of it to be used in another mod without my permission.

Tools Used and Credits

A big thanks goes to Ethreon for adding the collisions and providing the animation. 

A big thanks also goes to deadbeeftffn and TrickyVein for helping me in trying to figure out the animation problem and ElPolloAzul for helping with scripting. 

Bethesda Game Studios and the Creation Kit, Blender, Substance Painter 2GimpDDS plugin for Gimp 2.8 by Alexandre Prokoudine, NifSkopeBodyslide and Outfit Studio by Ousnius and Caliente, Bethesda Archive Extractor by jonwd7, and Material Editor by ousnius.

Mods Seen in the Screenshots and Videos

Angry Artillery by MrNerdHair

Simple Artillery Strikes by Nutulator

Fatigues Extended by Nutulator

Sandbag Fortifications by Nutulator and Ethreon