Fallout 4
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Replaces Vanilla Weapons with New Records from Modern Firearms.

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I finished making this literal months ago, probably some-time in or around January, but delayed actually posting it out of sheer laziness.
Multiple file versions available.

The Western Revolver remains untouched.

I will not be taking any suggestions for new replacers.
(Though I might replace the Vanilla 44 with a 1911 instead)

Because of how this replacer was made there may be some quirks.
So far the only incredibly noticeable quirk I've found is that certain pipe weapons will, for whatever reason, remain as they were.
Recommend you make a new game, and load near the bottom, or experience some extra quirks.

Version 1.2
> New Constructible Object Recipes to turn Replaced Weapons into MF Customs. Have not tested as of uploading.

For X-Box Users
I do not personally use X-Box, so I cannot bugfix that version very well. You are, more or less, hung out to dry with it.