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This mod will add Service Rifle from Fallout New Vegas, based on legendary M16 platform, with completely scratch-made assets and animations

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This mod is a remake of Assault Carbine & Service Rifle mod. It will add Service Rifle from Fallout New Vegas, based on legendary M16 platform, with completely scratch-made models, textures and animations

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    This mod combines 3 FNV weapons -Service Rifle, Assault Carbine and Marksman Carbine-  into one fully customisable weapon. Every part of the weapon is separately moddable, meaning you can achieve any visual look or performance you want. Every part of this mod was made completely from scratch, meaning that it is no longer compatible with Assault Carbine & Service Rifle patches or addons. You still can use both mods at the same time, though. Rifle will start to appear in the world since level 10 at vendors, raiders, Gunners and Nuka World raiders.


Unlike original Assault Carbine & Service Rifle mod, this rifle has much deeper customisation system. Each attachment has unique apperance and most of them were made from scratch. Stats of your rifle will vary - from gun weaker than Assault RIfle to one of the strongest pieces of equipement in game. Stickers, Paints and Hi-Tech attachments require magazines to unlock. For Paints, you need to find vanilla magazines. Magazines that unlock Stickers and Hi-Tech attachments can be purchased from Arturo and KL-E-0 Take to attention that unique variants don't have all customisation options 

Upper Receivers

In this mod, you can mod Upper Receivers separately. Vanilla Receiver category was renamed to Trigger Mechanism to avoid confusion.
Changing Upper Receiver will change damage, VATS
efficiency and scope modifications. You have 12 total Upper Receiver options

Scopes and Sights

Scope and sight options will look different depending on selected Upper Receiver, but available options are very similar for both. With selected Service receiver, you may choose simple Iron Sight, Reflex Sight or one of 6 Scopes. With Marksman Receiver selected, you will have a selection of 3 Iron sights, Reflex Sight and 7 Scopes

Lower Receivers and Magazines

Lower receivers are also separately moddable. They affect on damage, firerate and caliber of the weapon. 5.56mm and 5mm receivers offer separately moddable magazines. .38 (9mm) and 7.62 receivers and some unique variants will not have magazine options. You have 12 Lower Receiver options and 8 magazine options (5.56 and 5mm receivers only)


Just like any other vanilla weapon, Service Rifle features many barrel options. You can select any of 13 which will fit to your gameplay style the best - from very short ones for close corners or extre long for accurate sniping


This mod features 10 stock options - from improvised Makeshift Stocks to Hi-Tech Recoil compensating


In addition to Barrels, you can install one of 5 Muzzle attachments to help with recoil or melee attacks. Also, Bayonets are available as separate melee weapon and can be purchased from any weapon vendor


Many of my weapon mods feature few unique variants of the gun, and this is not exception. In addition to already seen uniqe variants from Assault Carbine and Service Rifle mod, Redux will add couple more. To get them, you have to complete a small quest. Quest will automatically begin after Level 25. Take to attention that you can't get unique variants of Service Rifle without completeng the quest.


DeadPool2099 (a.k.a. Painter2099) - Models, textures, weapon implementation (Straight Donations) (Patreon)
Syn - ACOG models and textures
The Shiny Haxorus - Animations
Ha_Ru - Animations
Hitman47101 - Animations
shavkacagarikia - Scripting, quest creation and help with implementation
Otellino - Quest creation
Navaro - Sounds
Leldorado - implementation help
ajhakra - cubemaps
F4NV Team - Testing and moral support

Team asXas™ - Critique and mems


This Service Rifle was made for the Fallout 4: New Vegas project.
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