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Adds a powerful single shot Makeshift Anti-Materiel Rifle to the wasteland with various crafting options to choose from.

Permissions and credits
  • German
If you have the old version of the mod installed the Makeshift Anti-Materiel Rifle I highly recommend you uninstall it, load up your save and save your game then come back and install this. If you are updating from version 1.3 I recommend doing those following steps although might not be required this is only if the Legendary versions are not spawning for you.

The Anti-Materiel Rifle was designed by the Gunners due to a demand in high caliber rifles to combat the higher Brotherhood of Steel presence in the Commonwealth after their arrival.

Weapon Info
50Cal Single Shot
308 Single Shot
308 Large Magazine
308 Small Magazine
Shotgun Small Mag
Shotgun Large Mag
Dragons Breath
50Cal High Explosive

Long Barrel
Medium Barrel
Short Barrel
Snub Barrel

Scope (x4, x6 and x10)
Nightvision Scope (x4, x6 and x10)
Recon Scope (x4 and x6)
Iron Sights
Reflex Sights
Combat Scope (x4)

Marksman Stock
Improvised Stock
Improvised Comfort Stock
No Stock

Muzzle Break

Burlap Wrap Colours:
Blue Tape™
No Wrap

Legendary Versions:
Big Pipe
Morning Breath
Bread and Butter

Where to find the weapon
The weapon should begin to spawn on high level Gunners once you reach level 15. You can also buy the weapon from KL-E-0 in Good Neighbour.

(If the weapon is not spawning try sleeping for 4 in game days to refresh level lists)
(Ammo for the High Explosive Receiver is crafted at Chemistry Workbench in Utility menu)

Blue Legendary version can be found in the Quincy ruins at the top of the church bell tower inside a duffel bag.

Big Pipe and Bread and Butter can be found in Vault 95 Overseers office along with a new Gunner boss "Captain Bannar" he will have the key to the duffel bag for the Blue Legendary HAMR.

Morning Breath can be found at the Hub City Auto Wreckers inside a locked footlocker.


Known issues
1.Minor Clipping with grip in third person.
2.Minor Clipping when reloading the weapon (Only visible in higher FOV in 1st person)
3.When using the "Vanilla Animations/ESL" optional file the players is hand is visible clipping through the stock when playing on high FOV settings. This is due to not having custom animations.

Xbox Version
Standard Version:
Vanilla Anims/ESL Version:

Wardaddy for idle/sprint animations. (new animations will likely be made in the future)
asXas for Blue Tape™