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Replaces the vanilla Recon Scope for each weapon with a brand new asset with custom models, textures and materials.

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This modification replaces the vanilla Recon Scope for each weapon with a brand new asset with custom models, textures and materials. 

What’s included?
Replacement Meshes with custom materials and textures for the vanilla Recon Scope.

What’s the .esl for then?
To make sure the combat and hunting rifle scopes work properly.

Does it come in 4k?
It doesn't need to, this mod uses a combination of carefully compressed 2k, 1k and 512 texture maps to optimise quality in 1st person and performance in 3rd person.

Does it cover every Recon Scope in the game?
Yes, including DLCs, except the Institute Laser Rifle, which I’ve swapped for the Institute Combat Scope until I can create an adequate replacer for the Institute. The Assault Rifle Scope was also left untouched as it uses a different, unique model.

Any incompatibilities?
Maybe, but not with anything I’ve tested. Other mods that use the Recon Scope may use the vanilla asset without a patch though.

Will you be making patches?
See Through Scopes is supported with a patch on that mods main page. Otherwise, o
nly for mods I use, there are too many to cover, though I’m happy to upload or link to patches created by other members of the community.
If you’re a mod author and you’d like to use the assets for this mod please dm me. 

Any other plans?

I may add the scope to a couple of the weapons that don’t currently use it; it could look pretty cool on the Lever-Action, Handmade Rifle, Missile Launcher and a few others. Retexture the Assault Rifle Scope, it’s unique with a nice design, but the textures are a little out-of-date. 

Bethesda for Fallout 4 & Creation Kit
Adobe, Blender & Quixel for the Tools
Nexus for the platform and awesome community support