Fallout 4

About this mod

Do you want buildable armour stands? OF COURSE YOU DO! Mod adds a collection of craftable items for settlement build mode. Epic armour stands for the most iconic armours in the game... Some filled baskets, shelves, decoration sets, picture frames, chairs, come see the pics.. too much to explain.

Permissions and credits

This is a release version of my personal crafting mod I've been using for ages,
plus I added a ton of new unique items into it.

It adds a collection of armour stands, furniture, decorations, picture frames, potted plants and props.
I also added DDproductions83's bobblehead shelves (just the 20 figurine versions) to it.
Included are desks, dressers, beds, tables, containers (yay for post war non-broken crap fridge), Silvershroud mannequin, premade baskets, bins, shelves and stuff like that. But not like 5000 items. Just around 50 or so.


This makes a few vanilla edits:
- Fixes the broken toilet in build mode with a fixed one
- Activates lawn flamingo crafting recipes

I forgot to add small Power Armour stand in the video. This is also included in Crafting Stations.

Armour stands and the filled premade shelves etc. will use whatever retextures you have installed.

Armour stands are static items, not functional mannequins like in Skyrim, you cannot actually use them for storing stuff or anything like that. They're meant for cool decorations, it's up to you how and when you craft them. I didn't set any conditions.
I am NOT editing the pose of the stands. Because I don't know how. Wanna do it? I'll welcome the help. 

Bunk bed will count as 2 beds for settlements, but only one NPC can sleep at a time. So the top bunk doesn't actually function :|

If you use my craftable potted plants and/or my DLC paintings, or the broken dressers fix, you can ditch those mods, but do realise all the created items will be gone from your game if you deactivate those without scrapping the items first.


The chem station uses the large chem station's collision, so unless you have Place Everywhere mod,
it will be difficult to place that workbench is small areas.



Place Everywhere by TheLich
OCDecorator - Static Loot by mcface
Really Red Rocket
Infinite Settlement Budget by DDProductions83
Mannequins and armour stands


Filled shelves, radios, terminal...

Coffee set and related picture frames




- Ousnius and CBBE team for Outfit Studio (Yes, the mashups in this mod were made in OS)
Nifskope team
Jokerine for pep-talking me into getting crap done.

Darren for being awesome and making me tons of teddy bear things <3

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