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Docks overhaul for Riften created by combining and tweaking several high-quality mods.

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This mod started as a combination of Deck and Pier at Honeyside RiftenRiften Fish Market, Riften Docks Pathways and Better Docks with further tweaks to improve aesthetics, consistency and integration with other mods. Since then it has grown into a reworked and improved standalone mod designed to fit with the vanilla game as much as possible. Check out the original mods' page for additional descriptions as well as leave some endorsement if you enjoy this mod and their works.

  • A fish market with custom food items and NPCs with their own schedule from Riften Fish Market.
  • A better decorated Honeyside's deck with a pathway to a player-owned small island from Deck and Pier at Honeyside Riften
  • Larger docks with dock workers from Better Docks.
  • Pathways connecting Honeyside to the main docks and western part of Riften exterior by Riften Docks Pathways. (So you don't have to swim from the shore to the dock)
  • New ship variants from Ships and boats of Tamriel
  • Fishing DLC integration: Fully integrates contents from Fishing as well as utilizing new objects and items

Vanilla game + Fishing DLC


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Third-Party Patches
: I don't provide support for these patches but they should work unless told otherwise. Also check requirements section for mods I might have missed.