Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

An ENB Preset that aims to give an immersive experience especially with survival mods. Interiors are finished, exteriors need still work. Tuned for Lux Interiors and Vanilla Weathers

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Hey guys,

Welcome to my Modpage.

Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB SE
Interior Edition - Lux - Vanilla Weather

for ENB Version v.0475

This ENB might be a forever WIP as usual which means that small adjustments are made with time. Welcome back to everyone who already knows my old Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB SE. I changed a lot since my last updated version on the Nexus one of the most important aspects is the switch to Vanilla Weathers (instead of Vivid Weathers) and having Lux as a permanent interior mod. 

Additional Compatibilty: True Storms SE (better use the no fog version)


1. Download ENB Particle Patch by Mindflux (This helps with visual bugs)

2. Some nights might not be edited yet so they can appear pretty dark. Just increase AmbientLightIntensity of that particular weather.

3. Install the Complex Grass Patch for your Grass mod

4. If you have dark eyes with the enb just increase LightAmountMultiplier in Eye Section of enbseries.ini

 What is this ENB?

This ENB aims for an immersive experience especially for users who want to use survival mods and roleplay. I wanted the day time to be nice, rain and snow to be not so nice and giving an overall natural feeling to the scene. I hope you like it.

- On top I fiddled around a long time to find settings that compliment character shots so I hope some of you will profit from that-

I tried to make this ENB performance friendly.

Future of this ENB?

Giving every weather its own weather.ini instead of editing them in groups. Honing especially the exteriors without changing the style as much (trying to prevent what happened to my old Ruvaak Dahmaan ENB SE)

How to install this enb?

1.) Download the Binaries for Skyrim SE ENB -> D3D11.dll, d3Dcompiler_46e.dll ->

2.) Copy those files directly in your Skyrim SE Main Folder where the SkyrimSE.exe is

3.) Download these enb files and drop the content also directly in the same Folder (SkyrimSE.exe present)

4.) Download and Install Lux with all its requirements (You can use other Interior Lighting mods but they might feel off)

5.) Download ENB Helper SE to have Seperate Weather Configuration.

6.) Done

Versions and Changes:

23.07.22 - Initial Release 1.0WIP

25.07.22 - 1.01 Experimental

- Thanks to Adyss vast expension of post pass and pre pass options for you guys to play around with.
- Since the ENBeffects.fx changed a little I need to find the new balance to make it fit. Thats why its an experimental version
- People who want the weather updates. just copy all weather inis in enbseries folder into your already installed enbseries folder. (+ weatherlist.ini)

- Updated balance -> Changes: Bloom, Color Correction, Adaptation.

25.07.22 - 1.02 Experimental

- changed bloom, color correction, adapation
- adjusted some more weathers
- increased brightness of some nights.
- I am thinking I get closer to the right balance. this update I think is almost ready to replace the main file.

27.07.22 - 1.03 Experimental

- Tried some color experiments
- adjusted some more weathers I encountered still a lot of strange ones but I think 80% is playable normally
- made some nights brighter
- interior got some little adjustments
- bloom adjustments

28.07.22 - 1.04 Experimental

- bloom adjustments
- more weather adjustments
- DLCs are not touched yet
- some color correction adjustments

29.07.22 - 1.05 Experimental

- bloom adjustments
- more weather adjustments
- color correction adjustments
- adaptation adjustments

31.07.22 - 1.06 Experimental

- reverted some bloom adjustments to make it more atmospheric in interiors
- adjusted some exteriors trying to find a way having good clear weathers mid day (not really there yet)
- general weather adjustments and fixes

05.08.22 - 1.07 Experimental

- adjusted bloom to be more present for atmosphere
- adjusted color correction
- further adjusted weathers
- trying to finally have passable clear weathers between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

12.08.22 - 1.072 Experimental

- enabled black hair fix (oops sorry)
- slight bloom adjustment
- further weather adjustments
- slight CC (color correction) adjustments

14.08.22 - 1.08 Experimental

- further weather adjustments (Tundra clear weather first start to "style" distinction)
- minor bloom adjustment
- fixed green saturation (poison dwemer barrels had bad green values with my enb) (thanks to VOLKOFRENIA for the great feedback)

- known issue: Flames in hand in first person are not reacting to fire settings that is something that a particle patch has to patch. I didn't create
my enb around fire settings 1.0 my fire settings are around 20.0 but the flames in the first person hands are staying at 1.0 because they don't 
react. Thats the reason why it looks off. (thanks to VOLKOFRENIA again for pointing that out)

- fixed splashes of rain RUDY PATCH compatibility (the splashes were black with my settings) (thanks to VOLKOFRENIA again)
- rain changes
- adjusted snow visibility

24.09.22 - 1.1 Work in Progress

- adjusted weathers (some dlc2 ones too)
- adjusted color correction for daytime
- minor changes to bloom
- minor adjustments to DOF 
- still work in progress -> experimental version has moved to main version.

- known issue: -> white clipping to black in interiors because of HDR Tone settings. might be fixed in the future or removed.
though happens rarely in interiors.

04.11.22 - 1.16 Work in Progress

- a lot of different weather adjustments (can't remember all)
- small effect adjustments for balance like bloom ect
- HDR Tone settings issue fixed by not using it
- Rain adjustments for better natural visibility
- most likely changes I forgot in the meantime

20.01.23 - 1.26 Work in Progress -> ENB Binary: v.0484

- a lot of changes in this one
- new bloom by Adyss, Thank you brother
- I adjusted a lot of stuff to hopefully improve the experience:

- further weather adjustments (biggest part besides bloom configuration)
- color correction update for exterior and interior
- Skylighting changes
- pointlight adjustments (still WIP sometimes I went overboard with intensities in exteriors)
- wet surface adjustments
- rain adjustments (a little brigther at night to be more visible)
- Cloud Edge adjustments
- Sun Glow adjustments
- DOF triggers only on close distance


Thanks to Boris Vorontsov who gave us the Gift and Curse ENB Series
Thanks to Marty for his awesome DOF
Thanks to Adyss for actually laying the groundwork for my enb. Love you for that brother. -> additionally for the bloom you created
Thanks to Jawz for his awesome Modular Shaders
Thanks to Sandvich Maker for the awesome Reforged Bloom
Thanks to all the inspiring ENB Authors out there you are doing great work and a great service for the community
Thanks to all Shader Coders out there giving us ENB Authors the actual tools to do our stuff.
Thanks to the people from Daves Cantina who supported me for a long time
Thanks to the College of Pepe for all you awesome and knowledgable guys and grils.
Thanks to VOLKOFRENIA who helps a lot with testing and reporting <3

Thanks to:

Sandvich Maker: ReforgedUI, HLSL Graphing Vibrance and Curve
Prod80: Color Isolation, Channel Saturation
martinsh: Film grain. Adjusted by Treym
kingeric1992: Lut function
Adyss:  advanced curves editor. All prepass effects. Letterboxes

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the new stuff that is in the post pass and pre pass

FU Noah !!! :'D