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Mesh & texture files for sets lore-friendly ships & boats complete with interiors and wrecks.
- 1.2 - Various ships, sloops, barges, ferries and navy galleons for Cyrodiil, including MarkusLiberty's excellent galleon and rowboat. I have also added fixes for Bretic ships and the EEC ship which had bounding (flickering mesh) issues prev

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Welcome to the Ships and boats of Tamriel resource.

**N.B. This is NOT a mod that adds boats to Skyrim. This is a resource pack for modders to implement if they wish**

However, if you have always wanted to give a bit of basic modding a go, it's really quite easy to do things like adding custom ships & boats using the Creation Kit.
I'd encourage anyone to jump in and have a go, after a brief read of some of the excellent resources available.

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This latest update adds various types of ships for Cyrodiil including those of the Imperial/Ruby Navy, a updated replacer for MarkusLiberty's excellent Cyrodiilic galleon and rowboat, and two barge variants.  I have also added fixes for Bretic ships and the EEC ship which had bounding issues (flickering mesh visibility) previously.

Previously I've done a lot of minor fixes and consistency checks across the meshes, with huge thanks to users such as Fremennik and Bergzauk for their detailed help in finding bugs with things like collisions, vertex colours, and visual errors.
The previous update also added the popular Nord ship replacers I made (now available for SSE thanks to JPSteel).

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Ever thought that the vanilla docks of Skyrim were strangely empty?
Ever thought it strange that the fishing boats, trading ships or warships of different races are nowhere to be found in Skyrim?
Want to populate your own new lands with all-new boat models?

This collection aims to provide original, lore-friendly ship and boat models for mod creators to add to Skyrim, adding to the variety of existing ship models.

Version 1.1: Ships of Skyrim, the Iliac Bay & EEC
These assets are designed to be added to the Creation Kit under the Statics category (see "how-to" section in the readme file).

Version 1.2: Ships of Cyrodiil + fixes for Bretic ships.

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How to Use
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This won't go into depth on how to use the Creation Kit to create mods, but in a nutshell, to implement these files, you will need to:

1) Extract the meshes archive to your "meshes" folder. E.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Meshes\[BSTamriel etc.]
2) Extract the textures archive to your "textures" folder. E.g. C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data\Textures\[BSTamriel etc.]
3) Load up your .esm files (e.g. Skyrim.esm) you want to add modify/add to in the Creation Kit 2 (for SE) and, in the Object Window, right-click in the window under WorldObjects>Static and select [new].
3a) For animated ships (e.g. custom bobbing etc.) you will need to add the meshes to the CK as MoveableStatic objects rather than Static ones. PLEASE NOTE that this resource pack doesn't include any animated files. One day...
4) In the dialogue box that appears, give your new static object a unique ID you will be able to find in future - e.g. ShipBreticGreyteship_sailing01. Select Model>[Edit] and find the right .nif file (in the meshes folder from above).
5) Et voila! Your static ship object is now ready to bring into the world. Navigate to the cell you want the ship to go into, and drag and drop across to the render window.
6) N.B. that if you have the ol' purple object issue it means textures aren't loading properly. Make sure your texture files are in the right location and have the right names!

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Beyond Skyrim
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These assets have been developed in collaboration with Beyond Skyrim, an amazing collective of dedicated and ambitious modders working to realise nearly the entirety of Tamriel's cultures beyond Skyrim's borders.
I have learnt a huge amount from them and owe credits to many individuals in the collective.
Everyone at BS was more than happy for me to release these assets into the wild for the wider community to enjoy ahead of their use in various provinces under development.

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- 1.0A - Bretic "Greytship," a large, tubby warship or trading vessel, based on the tall Portuguese carracks of the 1400s.

- 1.0B - Bretic "Carryk," a small, tubby trading vessel meant for braving the treacherous seas around Tamriel's Northern and Western coasts.  Based on 15th century Portuguese Caravel/Nao ships.

- 1.0C - Bretic "Rennen-boat," a light, fast vessel for sailing or rowing. Could be a large ship's tender, or else a fishing boat or dinghy.

- 1.0D - Bretic "Rauen-boat," because who doesn't like cute rowboats with Celtic knot trims?

- 1.0E - The East Empire Company tradeship, displays traditional Nibense-style craftsmanship & pragmatism of design. A fusion of medieval trade cog, ancient Mediterranean trading ship, and Oblivion-style galleon shapes.

- 1.0F - Redguard Umwaji, or "sea serpent," is a sleek, fast lateen-rigged warship used by the fierce Redguard navies. A mixture of Omani and Indian dhow, and Mediterranean xebec features.

- 1.0G - Redguard Nakhali or, "narwhal," is a smaller trading & raiding ship, favoured by pirates, blue-water fisherpeople, and traders alike for its study build and ability to handle heavy seas.

- 1.0H - Redguard Mazdi, or "dolphin," is a light, swift coastal fishing & trading ship.

- 1.0I - Redguard Djiinali, or "boat," is another cute little rowboat - if a little sleeker and sexier than the Bretic one.

- 1.1 - UPDATED JANUARY 2021 - Added Nord ships plus a myriad of fixes for the above models including updated collisions (there were some missing materials), consistency tweaks, and more.

- 1.1A - Interiors based on all the above, plus interior "mini kit" pieces inc. doors, walls etc.

- 1.1B - Wrecks based on all the Bretic ships

- 1.1C - Nord Greatship (from my Realistic Ships replacer)

- 1.1D - Nord Trade ship (from my Realistic Ships replacer)

- 1.1E - Nord Rowboat (from my Realistic Ships replacer)

- 1.1F - N.B. no interior files for Nord ships. Yet.

- 1.2 - UPDATED JULY 2023 - Added Cyrodiilic ships plus various fixes, especially reconverting all Bretic ships and EEC ship to ensure proper bounds settings and SSE compatibility.

- 1.2A - Cyrodiilic Galleon. Based on the famous MarkusLiberty galleon and updated to bring it in line with my other ships from the 4th era.

- 1.2B - Imperial Navy small ship. Similar to a sloop, with no interior.

- 1.2C - Imperial Navy medium ship. A medium-small Galleon, think similar to the Golden Hind.

- 1.2D - Imperial Navy large ship. A Grand Galleon used by the Ruby Navy as a capital ship.

- 1.2E - Cyrodiilic river ferry. A wide raft with space for a horse and cargo.

- 1.2F - Cyrodiilic city ferry. A smaller, neater ferry for getting around canals and transporting city folk across smaller rivers.

- 1.2G - Interiors for medium and large Imperial Navy ships & Cyr galleon, plus interior "mini kit" pieces inc. doors, walls etc.

- 1.2H - Name plates & texture files (inc. PSD files) for custom ship names for Cyrodiilic ships.

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Watch this space...
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Ships of other provinces to come. On my to-do list are Dunmeri vessels, and a set of more authentic Viking-style ships from the frozen wastes of Atmora... N.B. these last ones are not my original Nord ship replacers release.

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The contents of this pack are designed for anybody to use for their own not-for-profit Skyrim and SkyrimSE mods.
You may use all or any parts of these files in mods of your own, but only if you credit me.
You may not distribute these files to other sites without my permission (redirect here, please), or use them in any way for financial gain.
Feel free to adapt and re-release these - but again, please do credit their original author :)

Best Wishes and happy modding,

ThatShipGuy aka. DeviantKaled