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Patches for Realistic Boat Bobbing

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7/8/2021 Please note: some small problems have been discovered with some of the Great Cities patches.  I am working on updated version to correct these (this has been a learning process for me).  Please bear with me and I will post those ASAP

This is a collection of patches for Realistic Boat Bobbing and various mods.  I will be adding more patches as I finish them.  With written permission from ToosTruus, I have uploaded all of his patches except the SMIM Mesh Patch to this page, as well.  I eventually plan to make a FOMOD installer, once I figure out how.  Patches marked BETA are either incomplete or not playtested.  Some static objects on BETAs (Crates, barrels, etc.) may not move yet.  Otherwise, If you see any issues, please message me.

I took a break from Great Cities to attempt patches for other mods I consider essential: Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul and Riften Dock Overhaul.  These are also both BETA patches.  I think I got everything on CFTO, but I haven't had much time to play test.  If you run into problems or see something wrong, please message me.  Riften Dock Overhaul is complete (I think) except for a few barrels added to the longship by RDO.  It's very odd--some barrels are covered by RBB and move, and some don't!  There are also five rowboats in close proximity, which basically rock in unison.  I don't think it looks too bad because they're all at different angles and real boats moored together do move more or less in unison because they are riding the same waves.  I would welcome feedback on this.  If the general sense of the community is that it doesn't look good, I will try to address it.

The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns v2.0= Completely rebuilt (If you have any problems, please let me know)
The Great City of Dragon Bridge = Complete
The Great Village of Mixwater Mill = No patch needed (verified)
The Great Town if Ivarstead = No patch needed (verified)
The Great City of Solitude = First Beta release.  All boats, stairs & doors patched.
The Great City of Dawnstar = Complete (a future update will tweak things a bit, but it's fully functional)
The Great City of Winterhold = No patch needed (verified)
The Great City of Falkreath = No patch needed (verified)
The Great City of Morthal = Complete
Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul = First Beta release
Riften Dock Overhaul = First Beta release
Quaint Ravenrock = Provided by ToosTruus
Telengard = Provided by ToosTruus.
USSEP Patch = Provided by ToosTruus
Wyrmstooth = Provided by ToosTruus
No Snow Under the Roof = Provided by ToosTruus

Great Cities patches are posted with the permission of SoldierofWar (RBB has open permission for patches).